Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Katie-Bug has a birthday

The Bug had a birthday this can she be SIX already?! Ack! She was beside herself with excitement for D.A.Y.S.

Sunday at church, every time someone said hi to her, she said, "Tomorrow is my birthday!" And look pleased as punch when they said, "Oh! Happy Birthday, Kate!"

She's subtle, that one.

This year....SCORE...her birthday landed on Martin Luther King day, so she had the day off from school. Although...when you're a kid and you don't get to take your birthday treats to school on the DAY of your actual birthday, it can be cause for consternation.

She chose Red Robin for our usual lunch-out-after-church restaurant and happily slurped and smacked her free sundae after being sung to by half the establishment.

SaraGrace was hounding me to do a photoshoot with her new headband, so Kate jumped in for a few shots. It WAS her birthday, after all.
{In case you forgot, she would remind you. Every. Hour.} two heart babies, and Hope Healing Home alumni.

Let's open presents! Jake wanted a picture with the birthday girl. That's cool because it's not every day that a girl gets to pose with a bona fide super hero.
I wrapped these myself.
Be impressed.
"Yay! I'm so excited!!!!"

"Wheeee! A dollhouse!"
"Yay! Matchbox cars!"
Stop judging. She ASKED for them! :)
And you can tell that she is super excited about them, too.
Jillian made the cake and did another fabulous job.
I love that big smile on her face!
Three tries and they were out.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Acceptance with Joy said...

precious, precious kiddo!

Kimberlie said...

Happy belated birthday Katie! AND, Happy Belated Family Day to Katie and Zoey!!! Still love remembering our time in Ch*n@ with you guys.

Lori said...

So darn cute!! Looks like it was a happy happy birthday for Miss Katie-Bug!

Love the photo shoot!

Oh and the gifts...they are lovely! I just throw our gifts in a re-re-recycled gift bag. :) But I feel inspired to wrap next time!

Kim K. said...

Happy Birthday Katie-Bug!! I'm sure Josie would be happy to share some of her matchbox cars with you too! She also has lots of superheros that live in her dollhouse.

Darling, darling, pics of your birthday girl.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Katie! Fantastic fun! And what a beautiful cake your sister made! Hey I'm so far over 6 it's barely a distant distant distant memory, I still love Matchbook Cars! Tell Mom her wrapping is downright gorgeous!
How sweet to share the spotlight with SaraGrace and Jake!

Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!
You are looking so grown up!!
Hope 6 is a wonderful year!! The Watson's

Sharon said...

Kate is such a cutie. She has sweetness written all over her face. I'm glad she had such a good day!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!

Wow- Jillian did a great job on the cake!! I think she may have a future in bakery!!

Totally impressed with the wrapping and the choice of paper- stunning!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy 6th Birthday, Princess Katie!

Jennipher said...

Happy Birthday Kate...with love from the Kookies!

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