Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Jake's New Do

Me: Noticing a notch out of Jake's hair... "Did you cut your hair?"
Jake: NO!
Me: Really? Because it looks like you did.
Jake: Nooooo (insert slight whiney tone)

Other kids notice which brings a chorus of: "Jake, yes you did!"

Jake takes umbrage: "NOOOO!"

Another chorus of: "Yes, you did!"

Jake: starts crying
Me: Jake! You're not in trouble. Just tell the truth. Did you cut your hair?
Jake: (Wails) Yessssssss.
Me: (relieved to know that it wasn't from the haircut I gave him) Where were you when you cut it?
Jake: Blank stare
Me: Were you in the bathroom? The kitchen?
Jake: Noooo.
Me: Where?
Jake: (softly) At school.
Me: You cut your hair at school?!
Jake: Yeah.
Me: What? You just sat in your seat and took a hunk out of your hair?
Jake: Yeah.

And I thought they went to school to learn. ha.

Taylor took fiendish delight in telling Jake I was going to have to give him a buzz cut to fix it.
I didn't.

He's just going to have to go around with a notch out of his hair for awhile. Ryan gave himself an identical cut at about the same age.

It's a fad for 5 year olds.
Just so you know.
You're welcome. {I wouldn't want you to miss out on the cutting edge of hair fashion.}


Angie said...

Yep. Char cut Jenna's hair for her a few months ago. My hair is becoming grayer by the day...

Jennifer P said...

It's beautiful. Highlights his eyes. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh , yes , I remember getting my 5year old granddaughter off the bus one day .. she had no bangs when she left for school , but now had what I guess you could call bangs LOL .. she begged me not to tell her mom , ok , I promised I wouldn't, ha ha , I didn't have to !

Kim K. said...

Jake's new hairstyle is adorable. I'm waiting for Josie to come home from school with missing hair.

Extra hugs to Jake!!

Lori said...

Oh, I know it's only a matter of time before Isaiah cuts his hair too! I'm just hoping he'll hold off until summer, then I WILL buzz it all off!

And I'm curious...so you now have your camera strapped to your head so you can easily snap shots of your kids during their perils? I'm imagining you with a remote in your hand to snap, snap, snap pics as these situations unfold. Yes? Is that what you're doing?

Tesseraemum said...

He rocks the notch cut. Don't tell him though! How can you stay mad at that face?!! Sheri

sara said...

oh that style has been in fashion for a long time...since back when my kids were little!!!

cute pics!

Anonymous said...

I believe I cut my own hunk of hair out about the same age! My 2 g'kids are 4 1/2 and 2 so guess we have a lot to look forward too ;-) I love ya Jake, even with a little hair gone from the front!

Hi Karin, you realize of course that it's 1:35 pm EST and I'm still visiting blogs...I'm MEANT to be starting my Blue Door painting TODAY...am I bad?

TJWright said...

I don't recall my boys cutting their hair at this age but my oldest would cut the bottom edge of his shirts at school! Last summer I found a hunk of black hair - kept looking at my daughter to see where hair was missing - finally found out that middle kid had taken scissors to the dog!

Jean said...

I do know that!! IT is a fad for 5 yr olds!! Abby did it too!!

BUT she cut her clothes first!

Has Jake cut his shirt sleeve YET!

Just warning you!


(just read Lori's comment- hahahaha!)

Kristin Ferguson said...

He's adorable no matter what. I love how kids think they can deny something they've obviously done. It's too funny!

James, Dawn and Family said...

cracking up- Lize and her friend Tito did the same this this summer except she had Tito do it so she wouldnt get in trouble.

Anonymous said...

When I was a young kid. I chopped my bangs off every Easter.
I found out later that so did my husband

Jennipher said...

Jake...you look better than ever. We miss you all! sending hugs!

Kelline said...

This is absolutely hilarious!! Just the way you were able to take pictures as the moment unfolded is fan-tabulous! Loving it!

Cari said...

Sami just did that a few weeks ago and she's only three! I hope she doesn't repeat it at age five. :)

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