Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can Mom do Math?

If you have read this blog for long, you will know the answer to that question.

A big fat, NO.

Math is definitely not a strength that I possess.

SaraGrace apparently thinks I need some practice because she has been making me worksheets. AUUGGGHHHHH......

And to top it off, it seems to be some type of geometry.

Should I tell her that geometry was a subject that I failed in high school?

It was the teacher's fault.

He laughed at anyone who asked a question.

Needless to say, I didn't ask any and quietly dropped out of the class.

So maybe a better teacher would have been able to explain to me why two triangles plus a circle could equal a square or something. Or is that only algebra?


I seemed to have survived in life without knowing anything about that.

Until now.

If SaraGrace has anything to say about it, I WILL be learning something about math related shapes. She seems to make up her own version of 'math' as she goes along though.

And she happily informed me that I only got a 99% on my paper while Daddy got a 100%.

That's why he is responsible for all the math at our house.


Kim K. said...

8th grade math has required a tutor 1 day a week at our house. It has consumed us ALL. yuck, yuck, yuck! Your post totally made my day.

Lori said...

Oh my word, you were in the same geometry class as me!! Although, I didn't fail...but only because the teacher has huge mercy on me.

LOVE the worksheet! So very funny! And wow, I can't believe you only got a 99%. Geesh!

You were a cheerleader, weren't you?

sara said...

lol! I'm with you....terrible at math! So glad Steve was around while the kids were in school!

Shonni said...

Teaching Texbooks is my best friend!!!

Anonymous said...

I love her math cat! Math and I never,ever shake hands...I did OK with adding subtracting multiplying and dividing, once we arrived at decimals it was all over! Elementary algebra LOL...what's that about...I've never had any occasion to use algebra since I've been born! However I was interested in shapes and fulcrums...leverage has definitely come in useful at times. And then my son went to school and they're doing some kind of arithmetic that has to do with was meant to be easier than plain old 1+1=2! I never tried to help him with his math homework. Thank goodness he was smart...I think he passed my mental ability when he was about 7...;-)

Jean said...

I loved Math! My teacher didn't laugh- or I would have hated it!

BUT I am horrible at explaining it and actually have forgotten most of it!

I think I need to be in SaraGrace's class with you!!

Two Ergophobics said...

It's good to see she's willing to tutor you. :) haha

KarenS said...

This was great! You got me laughing. I so look forward to your posts. I had to forward this one to my husband.

*Katie* said...

Your family is amazing!

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