Monday, January 02, 2012

First Trip of the Year to ER

Well, the year is new but we have made our first trip to ER.

Little Miss Katie-bug forgot my warning not to touch the stockings hung on the mantle, due to the possibility of a large, heavy holder falling on their heads.


I was out with the bigger girls and Taylor was babysitting when I got a call. Katie had pulled a stocking holder down on her face, near her eye and it was bleeding. He wasn't sure if she needed a stitch.

When I got home, I ascertained that she did need one because it was an impact split of her skin near her eye. It was nice and clean, but it would not stay together. I tried a steri-strip because it was a pretty small cut, but wouldn't stay closed. Taylor had done a great job of getting her wound cleaned, bandaged, and a dose of Tylen*l for the pain.

Off we went to ER because the doctor's office was closed today.

I knew we would have a long wait when I saw three ambulances outside the loading area, and the parking lot packed with cars.

Thankfully, I think kids get triaged to the front of the line. We still waited several hours, but it could have been much worse. When they took us back, there were gurney's end to end lining both sides of the hallway--all occupied with people! Apparently everyone decided to get injured or sick today since the doctor's offices were closed. It was a zoo in ER!

Kate was brave and only needed one stitch. She was happy to get a milk shake on the way home. Jeff told me that the kids were going to start getting hurt on purpose so they could score some individual Mommy time and a milk shake. ha!
Modeling the bandage that Taylor put on her cheek while she waits to be seen.

Please excuse the dreadful cellphone photos.


Angie said...

My head hurts just thinking about that heavy stocking hanger! Glad it was only one stitch...and not knocked out!d Ummmm...happy new year!?

Kim K. said...

Glad it was only 1 stitch and not worse. Yikes! Let's hope that 2012 remains a healthy one for all your precious kiddos.

Kimberlie said...

Great job Taylor! Sorry Katie got hurt but thankful it wasn't worse. Happy New Year eh? :)

Sharon said...

Poor Baby!!! Hope your year improves from here on out. :) Happy New Year!

Lori said...

Oh my word, praise the Lord it just missed her eye!

Now, put all those dangerous decorations away! :)

Anonymous said...

So relieved it was "simple"! I'm trying not to go "suppose" this or that had happened! Taylor is a great medic...good for him! Some time the ER wait is worse that what you're there for...but then Katie wouldn't want a big scar on her pretty face. So the year is starting off "normal", nothing wrong with that!

Cindy said...

Oh, I've missed your blog updates! Between your Jake's haircut and the stitches your kiddos remind me of mine! We've had snips and stitches too!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Glad everything is OK! I must admit, though, that the title cracked me up. Not just "our trip to the ER". but our "1ST" you know there will be many more=)

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