Friday, January 20, 2012

Jake's World

Jake and Zoey are on a new kick...earning money.

I'm not sure what started it but they are willing to work for pennies.


"Mom, can we fold clothes for a penny?"

"Um...sure! I might even give you two pennies if you do a good job."

It's probably bad of me to take advantage of their lack of knowledge regarding the actual value of coins. It's just hard not to smile and offer two pennies instead of one quarter, you know?
Trust me when I say that they just lose whatever I give them anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

The other day, Jake asked if he and Zoey could clean the bathroom for a penny. The main bathroom is dubbed, 'the kids' bathroom' because no one else wants to use it. It's gross. No matter how often it gets cleaned, it's trashed within an hour.

I do not fully understand how that is possible, but it happens. It's still a mystery how toothpaste gobs can get e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e., toilet paper on the floor, etc. GROSS.

Happily, I agreed to 'let' them clean it. I figured anything is better than nothing.

Surprisingly, they did a really nice job. They even cleaned the toothpaste gobs out of the sink. Who knew that 5 year old were capable of this?

The next morning, Jake walked into the bathroom after the teenager had used it. With a dramatic sigh, and hands outstretched, he exclaimed, "NOT AGAIN! I jus cleaned dis! Who made dis mess in here? I bet Taydor did dis!"

I totally cracked up. And I might have even muttered under my breath, "Welcome to my world, Jake, welcome to my world.


Kimberlie said...

So very cute! My kids are more interested in doing chores now since we have stopped funding their toy purchases unless it's birthday or Christmas time. Paul and I realized that they seemed to think it was Christmas every time we went to the store (can't stand shopping at Stuffmart where fun things reside near food. I try to avoid it but Paul is in love with the place.)

At any rate, take advantage while you can. They are going to figure out soon enough they've been under-charging you for their services. ;)

Angie said...

Don't you love it when they see their work never ends, too? My kids keep finding pennies all over our house...hidden. I think the previous family must have been hoping for some kind of luck!

Theanne said...

Bravo for Jake and Zoey...and you're right I believe Jake has learned what it's really like in a bathroom cleaners world! :-)

judy said...

I remember years ago when my David was around 10 and my nephew 8 , they wanted to help rake for a dime a bag .. ha ha !! They raked all day and yes, we paid them a dime a bag .. of course we did give them a bonus at the end of the day !! Now they laugh about that all the time .. Judy

sara said...

that is hilarious!!!!

Kim K. said...

Good for Jake and Zoey. I wish some of their cleaning skills would rub off on my 13 year old. The bathroom that she uses each morning looks like a tornado hit it.

This post totally put a smile on my face, Karin.

Mrs. Laborn said...

LOVE your blog! I am also your newest fan, you are welcome to follow back at:

Tesseraemum said...

Boy do I have the girl of Jake's dreams right here in Ohio! Audrey has the unfortunate fate of sharing a room with a 12 yr old slob!! Her work is never done! Do you think they will still be so particular when they are 12?!!

Haley Love said...

This is so cute! Your whole blog is cute! I just started one and am new to this, but you have a new fan for sure!

Kay Bratt said...

Just came over to check out your blog from your comment on my blog! What a delightful way to start my Sunday with the faces of your beautiful children.

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trustandobey said...

Hello Northern Friend,
I apologize for not commenting on your posts for so long. But I am on tonight for a moment to see what's clicking. I had to tell you that Kate just took scissors to her hair too. I wonder if they did it on the same day!!!? Jake cut a chunk out of his bangs...Kate gave herself bangs for the first time. AGGGHHHHH!!!!!
It was such a trying day that I didn't even mention anything to her.When I did confront her, she cried too. If I didn't believe they were destined to be married on day, I would think they were twins separated at birth:)

Jean said...

I live in your world!!

Our basement is for the big kids and I often don't go down there for weeks- YUCK!

Can you send Jake and Zoey to my house? I'll double their pay!

mynewyearsvow said...

I can completely relate, Jake! So glad I found this blog. Thank you for the laughs. :)

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