Monday, March 01, 2010

God is so Merciful

Today was a stressful day. I knew Ryan was scheduled to take his physical fitness test. And he is recovering from pneumonia. And he struggled with the running portion of the test the last time he took it. I knew he would need God's help to pass it.

One of the very frustrating things about having a son in boot camp is the isolation. For the first time, as a parent, I have no access to Ryan unless it is granted by someone else. Someone I don't even know. Even if we have a family emergency, I cannot contact the milit*ry. I have to contact the Red Cr*ss.

I knew that we would be waiting until the weekend for word from Ryan. You wouldn't think that this would be such an ordeal, but my stomach was in knots all day. I couldn't think straight--totally preoccupied and wondering what was happening in South Carolina. If he didn't pass, he would have had to re-do some or all of boot camp. I knew that would be horrible for him. If he was held over for a few weeks, his graduation might be scheduled the same week as our Make A Wish trip to Disney. All I could think of was how discouraged he would be and how I wouldn't be able to enjoy Disney if I was missing Ryan's graduation. ugh.

It didn't occur to me to ask God to give us an answer before the weekend. I didn't even think it was possible. As the day progressed, I just became more and more aware of the tightness in my chest and stomach. The minute the girls got off the bus they all asked if we had heard from Ryan. never hear from him on a week day. I explained that we would be waiting until the weekend. Bless their hearts...they had been praying for their big brother.

Well...God must have decided that waiting until the weekend was just going to be too much. He arranged for Ryan to be on night watch duty tonight. Apparently, when on that particular duty, the recruits get to use the phone. At 9:30 PM the phone rang. My pulse quickened when I saw the caller ID....'PAYPHONE.' RYAN!!!!! He was able to talk for about 20 minutes and had called to tell us that he had taken the fitness test and....


by five seconds....but he passed.

I truly believe he only passed because of God's help and all the prayers that went up for him. Thank you all sooooo much!

He was on night duty until 11PM and then would be getting up at 4AM, going on a 10 mile march, carrying their heavy packs (and it's supposed to rain tomorrow and be 40 degrees--just to add to the misery). He said he is feeling better and he didn't cough while we were talking--so that was good.

I am just sooooo thankful that God granted us the gift of hearing from Ryan tonight.

"Before they call, I will answer...." Isaiah 65:24


Kim K. said...

Praise GOD for this wonderful news!! What a huge relief for you and Ryan. You can sleep well tonight, my friend.

Kimberlie said...

yeah! God is so incredibly good, and He cares so much for us. Why do we ever doubt Him? I am so glad you did not have to wait until the weekend to get the great news!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

Wonderful!!! I was thinking about Ryan all day today and tweeted a prayer request for him. He must feel so relieved. His adrenaline must have been on overdrive!

Now, all he has to do is stay healthy so he can finish basic. But a 10 mile hike in the rain and 40 degrees?

Angie said...

So happy to hear he passed and that God gave you this big hug!

Lori said...

Oh Karin, that is WONDERFUL news! What a blessing and how sweet of God to arrange the phone call. Wow, I love how He works. And how very precious those 5 seconds are! No doubt, God was ahead of Ryan defying physics to get him easily to the finish line!

Sean and Lisa said...

Rejoicing with you in God's perfect answered prayers and also for the early phone call.
Yeah God!
Yeah Ryan!

trustandobey said...

Rejoicing with you over Ryan's victory! Praying for his run today and continued healing. Ten mile hike in the cold....they just have too much fun in Basic!!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Rejoicing with you Karen. We prayed for Ryan and we're all happy to hear the good news today!!


James, Dawn and Family said...


Jean said...

Praise the Lord! It is so wonderful that the kids asked about their big bro and they prayed for him!

Congratulation to Ryan- Good job!

I bet you slept better after talking to him! Thank you Jesus!

Adeye said...

wooooohhooooo!!!! Oh that is absolutely wonderful news, my friend.

Rejoicing with you :)

Cindy said...

Praise! Yippeeeeee!
Our Lord was carrying him with all the prayers.
HUGS to you Karin!

Renee said...


sara said...

oh my word that is so wonderful!!!! He loves us so much and knows us so personally it just overwhelms me at times.

Gretchen said...

I am so glad that you got to speak to him. I know that made your heart soar. Then to get the news that he PASSED!!! He must have been over the moon!

Waitingfaithfully said...


Rejoicing with you in answered prayers--saw the news yesterday, but couldn't comment--but I was certainly rejoicing, and I still am! Oh, thank you Lord for a completed run (with 5 seconds to spare) for Ryan, and a call to his mama --to relieve her aching heart! You are so faithful!

Karin, I don't know what time Ryan ran yesterday, but at one point during the morning I was very suddenly prompted to pray! It was like I could hear Ryan breathing--that labored, ALMOST to the finish line kind of breathing--and I prayed, along with you, and many others. Five seconds never sounded sooooo good!

Congratulations Ryan! You gutted it out, and you did it!! Congrats to you Karin--you are headed for the finish line, and soon it will be time to hug your boy!

I'm smiling in Texas!