Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

Although I am not a fan of Halloween (scary, ugly and I don't like orange and black together), we let the kids dress up and beg for candy. Our church did a 'trunk or treat,' so we took the four littlest kids to that. Zoey was all over the idea of dressing up, but Kate...not so much. We finally convinced her that she would get candy if she put the costume on.

We're getting the hang of this trick-or-treat thing!

"My mom couldn't find the hat to my costume--which was supposed to be a Dalmation--so everyone thought I was a cow."

"I came up with this attractive head wear, but for some reason, everyone seemed repulsed."

Free pony ride + one little girl in a princess dress = one beaming smile.

'Bwave' Kate got on the pony, which was a huge feat for her.

Jordan was all over the pony ride. ("Nooooo...I not wide dat.")

My Treasures

SaraGrace clomped all over the neighborhood in these. About 3/4th's of the way around, she sighed loudly and proclaimed, "I've HAD it!"


Kim K. said...

Happy Halloween! Super cute pictures.

PS. I'm up to my eyeballs putting away decorations. I'm hopeful our party will benefit Pearl River Outreach. I'm exhausted.

Lori said...

Oh those adorable kids! Jake's hat... absolute classic head-wear for every ornery little boy (and I'm afraid, for big boys too).

And SaraGrace, I'm with ya girlfriend! No amount of high-fashion can overcome pain! Smart girl to ditch the uncomfortable shoes, no matter how cute they are!

Jean said...

Happy Halloween to your cute crew!! Love the pics and love the costumes! Love your family, too!!

trustandobey said...

So cute Karin! It is better that SaraGrace find out now...comfort trumps style sooner or later:0)

Tracie said...

So very cute!!!

Sara Grace and her shoes made me smile!!!

Angie said...

Zoey looks like THE princess on her horse! I'm with you...not a big fan of Halloween. So, now what do we do with all of the candy??

Beautiful Mess said...

Too cute!