Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Watching Three Year Olds at Play

"Um, Jakie, can you give me a wide on you bike?"

"OK, Doey, you sit wight here."

"Um, Jake, we not moving."

Wah...euhhhh.... "Zoey! Git off...you git off. You not sit on my bike! We stuck."

"Humph. You not be nice at me, Jakie."


Kim K. said...

hee hee. I just love their adventures together.

Mom Of Many said...

Oh my gracious - how precious! And to have captured it in photos - you are sooooo good!!

I was watching my kids yesterday and lovin' how they talk to each other...(trust me, its not always so "loving")...but it is still so fun for this mama!!


Wife of the Pres. said...

LOVE IT!!! Now did they really say all of this? Too funny!!!

S is talking more and more. I just know she'll be talking so well once we can get that palate repair done.

BTW, I got PSE8 but I use a Mac. So the latest version may be different for PC? And … you have got to get it from this site: "Journey Ed" but leave out the space. If you are a teacher or have a student in your home (which you have several!), then you get deep discounts. Check it out!!!

I am loving the new version. You might consider it again. I know we talked about the crashes, but I have found the new version to work seamlessly (so far anyway). Lots of great new features too! Some that mimic Foto*Fusion. On that note, you might check that out. I hear it is wonderful, but they don't have a Mac version. You can get it fairly cheap too I think.

Sorry I've not been blog-stalking (I mean, hopping) lately. Glad to see you all are doing well! :))))

Adeye said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the perfected pout to end off the story!

Just perfect.

Holly said...

So behind.
Got your Jillian's paintings today.
So beautiful.
Please thank her for me...I will ask Halle to write her a note and Josiah too.
Thank you for your addition.
More later.
I am so humbled at how God keeps encouraging me to press on.
Elaina MUST be real.

Lori said...

So stinkin' cute! Let's just hope that Jake's manners improve a bit before he has a wife.

How's that BM study going for you today? Lovin' it here!

trustandobey said...

I think this is the way 30 year olds play too, unfortunately.
Great emotions!

Sharon said...

It's so funny you were able to catch all of this in pictures. Too cute!!

quilt-n-mama said...

This makes me roll in laughter, we have conversations like this often with our 2 4 year olds and our 3 year old. I love to watch them play and here these precious moments they have with each other!

My favorite line recently- "God says wee shared, Abidale!"

Hope you are having a good week.


Jean said...

What great entertainment!! They are so cute! I could watch them (secretly) all day! We marvel over our one 3 year old!

The pics tell the story!!

mom2-4boys said...

Oh my how precious!!! I miss that kind of banter. The pout is adorable and so understandable. Who doesn't love a ride on the back of a tricycle?

How are you liking the weather? A nice change. We deserve it after the spring we had.. I just know it is the calm before the storm (or should I say storms for the next 5 months.)

Tracie said...

So sweet!! I love seeing all their fun! (and not as fun) moments!

Gretchen said...

Oh my goodness! Too cute! I have REALLY missed you my friend!!! Now I have to spend hours catching up with what has been going on since I have been in China.

Shannon said...

They are so cute! Your captions perfectly capture their expressions!