Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

Jeff comes home tomorrow. Ahhhhh.... I hope to not be needing a padded room by then. Let's just say this hasn't been my week for stellar parenting. Yesterday, I seriously had fantasies of driving off into the sunset alone, or at the very least, understanding why some animals eat their young.

I took the kids to the pond to feed the swans--thinking it would give us a needed, fun distraction. Instead, the kids annoyed the living snot out of me by constantly running off and not listening. I don't know what got into them. I spent the whole time (at least it seemed like the whole time) yelling for them to come back and being totally exasperated. Later, I uploaded the pictures that I took and wow...they painted a different story. The kids looked all adorable, with no hint of their naughtiness.

Did I just imagine it?


Is that not the cutest little dimple?!

"Come on, Kate! We can veer off into the woods. Mom's outnumbered and won't be able to catch all of us."

And they're off. Insert me yelling, 'Come back here! Wait for me! You guys come back here, RIGHT NOW!" ad nauseum.

"Why do I have this sick feeling that Mom is going to make us take a nap today?"


Kimberlie said...

Oh those kids can be so clever thinking they have you completely fooled. All they have to do is flash a smile and a dimple and they are off the hook. LOL!

You should have seen me last night at the big store photo studio trying to get my kids to take a good Christmas card picture. Ha! I practically had to be talked off the ledge (so to speak). Yeah, and that would have been who's fault that the photo shoot was scheduled for 4:40pm when all are tired, thus overstimulated, and hungry? I really need to have my head examined.

You haven't got anything on me when it comes to less than perfect mommy moments. :)

Glad Jeff is comin' home. You are still outnumbered, but at least you have some reinforcements. Have a great weekend!

Sue Mom of Two said...

Such gorgeous children!

Kim K. said...

You always make me smile. Did I ever tell you that your girls have the best tights/leggings? I hope they all took a lovely nap.

PS. We are hoping to transfer my MIL to UofM Hospital today for her heart. I'm having a deja-vu experience all over again. More on the blog. She needs lots of prayers.

Stefanie said...

Ahahahaha! They DO look positively innocent :)
Like you, I have experienced some nose dives into serious parenting faux pas when Chris is away... glad to hear reinforcements are on the way!!

trustandobey said...

Somebody has been reading her manual:) You do know how good these shots are, right?
ps...Hang in there!

Lori said...

Well, those defiant little stinkers sure are photogenic! And the sweet expressions you captured indicates, to me, that they are nothing less than perfect little angels! Heehee.

Shonni said...

Your right the pictures are perfectly deceptive!
I have been having a week with a few of mine...

Shannon said...