Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holiday Happenings

My aunt and uncle came to visit Sunday with a gift for our girls. My aunt brought dolls and hand-made doll clothes for them that she had made. They are so beautiful. The girls have been having a ball with them!

All lined up for a photo

Sunday, we managed to get all the kids dressed in their Chinese silks in honor of Chinese New Year. We were a bit late, but last Sunday, some of the kids were sick. The girls insisted that Jake needed to be dressed in Chinese clothes, too. (I think he ended up looking more like a Spanish matador...but oh well!)

Valentine's Day: Ryan has a girlfriend now, but he's broke. He had high hopes of taking his beloved out for dinner, but Mom and Dad wouldn't cough up the dough, so they had to dine with the family. The girls and I decided to try to make it special, so we decorated the table with paper hearts and candles. When we lit the candles, Molly told Ryan that we were trying to make the night, "romantical." Too funny!


Kim Priestap said...

It's nice to see Ryan smile in a picture! It must be the girlfriend.:)

Karin said...

Yeah...he's been smiling a lot more lately. :)