Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dream Bigger

Poem excerpted with permission from two previous authors and personalized by Karin….

We dreamed of raising one of each
A son and a daughter to love and to teach
A barren womb was God's design
I wept for the children who would never be mine.

After seven long years, a son He brought
Through the miracle of adoption, ‘far above our thoughts’
We rejoiced in the God who turned tears to joy
As we treasured each day with our sweet baby boy.

Four years later, God added another
And our oldest son had a new baby brother
My heart yearned for a daughter, but I thought we were through
"Dream Bigger, " God said, "I have a girl for you."

A prayer was said, with our hearts bowed low
"Send us, Lord, where you want us to go'
Our third child was found in a far away land
And as He had promised, God held our hand.

Later, God's call was low, sweet and clear
There is one more child for you to hold dear
'Your daughter is born in a distant land
I've chosen you as part of her plan."

Just home from China, and God spoke again
A little one waits, I promise you can
Be her Mama and Dada…stretch your hearts wide,
I will help you if you will stay close to My side.

We thought she was last, when God spoke a new name
"Dream Bigger, " He said as her picture came
Her heart was broken but He made sure
She was healed, loved and carried to American shore.

With six precious children, we were sure we were done
But God said, "not yet, there is another one"
"A son this time, I need you to love.
I need him to know of his Father above."

So we opened the home God so graciously gave
and brought home a son, ours to love and to raise
And as He had promised, our hands He held tight
He gave us the courage, the wisdom, the might.

"Dream bigger!" He said, "I'm holding you still"
"There is yet another. Will you bow to my Will?"
"Dream bigger!" He called, gently squeezing our hands
And trembling, we submitted to His perfect plan

To a new country this time, a boy precious and sweet
needed joy, love and laughter, his needs we could meet
Was eight enough after this little one?
"Dream bigger" God said, "You still are not done!"

Across the Sea, a little girl waits
To come safely home should be her fate
“Will you be her parents even though you've not planned
For a family so large? Will you trust in My plan?"

And though it is far exceeding our plans
We will once again travel to a far off land
For a child is waiting for a family of her own
and we rejoice as we watch God's plan unfold

If we’d clung to the dreams that were ‘ours’ to hold tight
Forfeited His Grace, His Strength and His Might,
What blessings we’d miss, what opportunities lost
If our short-sighted eyes only looked at the cost.

His plans so much bigger…His ways so divine
“You’re just a small part,” He whispers so kind.
“My ways are not yours, Mine are far above all.”
Our hearts pound in awe as we hear His call.

We cannot outgive Him, He always provides
Our abilities short, in Him we abide
We’ve no choice but to lean on His loving arm
His faithfulness our refuge, our shield from all harm.

With great joy and awe we would like to introduce you to:

Zoey Faith Yong waiting for Mommy and Daddy in Henan China
Expected arrival home: Hopefully fall of 2008

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