Sunday, October 13, 2013

Safely back in Manila

We are back in Manila (it's Sunday night for us).  I am really tired and cannot drum up enough energy to type a long post--so I apologize.

We were able to get to two villages at the base of the mountains.  I am still trying to comprehend what I saw there--and describe it adequately.  It will have to come later because I am still struggling with it.  Unbelievable poverty and living conditions.

Also, my camera completely died as we pulled up to the village.  :(  I am sooooo bummed about that.  One of the other team members took a lot of pictures so I am hopeful that tomorrow I can buy a card reader that accommodates her camera card and get her pictures so that I can show you the village children and their families.  Such BEAUTIFUL children--seriously. 

Grateful to have a roof over my head and a soft bed tonight--unlike my friends in those villages who will suffer the wrath of yet another typhoon tonight or tomorrow. 

I also cannot wait to show you pictures of the kids who live at the school where we stayed.  After seeing the villages where those children came from, we are soooooo happy for them to be able to attend that school.  It's their only way of getting out of the horrible poverty they were born into.  Such beautiful kids with incredible talent for singing and one extremely talented artist.

So if anyone has any connections or suggestions to help us help them make a CD of their beautiful singing, please let me know.  Also, the artist--we are brainstorming some ways to market his paintings (calendar, note cards, etc.).  Ideas anyone??  The school is trying to come up with the money to have a trade school on site to teach welding and sewing skills so their graduates can get jobs.  The kids are so talented and it would be nice to use their skills to help them fundraise for themselves.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Wishing you a safe journey home. What wild and amazing journey you've been on!!

Joy said...

Are you still there? If so are you safe after the quake?