Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hot, Tiring but Productive Day

I spent the morning editing the portraits of the ladies so they could be printed, while the women on our team went to do more meetings at the conference.  Thankfully, I was able to get the images edited before lunch and the Director drove me into town for printing.  He had just been to the United States with his wife, so we had an interesting talk about his impressions of it.  He said that some things he really liked were how so many people had US flags flying on their homes, and that everyone was so industrious.  He noticed that people were not standing around on the streets--they were working.  I thought that was an interesting observation. 

I seem to always get distracted by the kids when I'm walking around and since they look hopefully at my camera, I usually start taking pictures.  Once they see the camera come out, they come and perform for me.  It's so hilarious.  There are some really shy kids who kind of hang back but make eye contact--and the extroverts who will have--at the very least--a finger or top of their head in.every.picture.

Love this little guy...he is so shy, but hangs around wanting to see what I'm doing. 
These four...not shy.
The little girl's name is Princess.
This shot is called, "Let's all get as close as we can to the camera."
"Oh yeah...we're cool."  Love the "Korean Legend" t-shirt!
Jerry gets a hug from a little cutie.
These girls were very shy about getting a picture but once I motioned for them to pose, they were all smiles.
Moving on to other things besides pictures of cute kids...
These three pastor's wives have been so much fun!  They look like they are about 15, but Filipino women look so much younger than they actually are. 
Some of the moms bring their kids with them.
And some mom's bring a nursing child with an older sibling so the sibling can babysit while mom attends the conference.
Responding to Dr. Joy, who was teaching them about women's health issues.
Each day, the school provides some musical entertainment.  Today it was a dance troupe!
Each day the ladies have been given some gifts.  Today it was a pair of shoes and a gold bag with make-up inside.
This afternoon we started doing the medicals.  Dr. Joy is the only doctor but there were three nurses and me.  One of the things we  did were glucose readings with a machine that is very similar to the one I use to check Katie's INR--so I was able to do those on everyone.  They weren't too excited to come see me!  No one likes to get a needle stick.
Happily, no one had high blood sugar and no one had high blood pressure.  There were a few women who needed to see Dr. Joy for other things so it was great for them to have her there.  Any medicines that they need will be given to them tomorrow.
After dinner, we put all the ladies' portraits into frames.  They are not the print quality that I get back home, but I think they women will enjoy them anyway.
Tomorrow will be a busy day because I am going to do school pictures for the kids who live here at the school.  It's something I can do for them and I know they will love having a photo of themselves.  The pastor's wives go home after lunch, so that is when I will start on the kids. 
My eyes are getting droopy, so I'm heading off to bed.  Thank you for your has been a productive trip so far.  I pray that the women will remember--and take to heart--what they have learned here.

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Musings from Kim K. said...

What a beautiful thing you are doing. I'm wiping away happy tears. Thank you for sharing.