Friday, October 11, 2013

Good-bye's to New Friends

It seems like each time we do these women's retreats, we are all just getting to know each other and then we have to say good-bye.  It's better than never meeting, however!

This morning we asked the women to share with us about themselves and wow....  There were so many stories of heartbreak and then healing because of their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Some of them have been through so much.  Two of the ladies realized after spending time with the others that they didn't have the relationship with God that the rest of them did--and decided that they wanted to know Him by accepting Him!  So precious.

Last night the whole group had a nail painting party with the new nail polish they got.  So hilarious this morning as they showed us their pretty nails and new make-up.  I think we should have given it to them BEFORE their portraits! 

Before lunch some of the ladies wanted to get pictures taken with us.  It was so sweet.  One young girl came up to me and gave me a beautiful fan and told me that she wanted me to remember her by taking it home with me.  Wah!  They have so little--it's incredibly touching to have them give from their hearts.

After lunch, I gave the ladies their portraits.  I LOVE THIS!!!!!!  It's so FUN to see their reaction.  Some are giddy, laughing and self-conscious.  One cried.  (Hopefully because she was touched--not because she hated her portrait!)  It's so humbling to see the joy that one simple photo brings. 

As soon as I was done handing out the portraits, I went to find the school kids so we could get started on theirs.  I was pretty worried that we wouldn't be able to finish by the time the light faded but I had been praying that it would all work out.  I seriously think that God multiplies my time because what takes me 4 hours in the US, often takes me half that on mission trips.  It doesn't make sense....but I'm grateful!  We cranked through all the kids and teachers and then had time to do class pictures as well.  I didn't have time to get them printed but I put them on a flash drive and we will give it to them with money for printing.
A new friend...
One of the class pictures of the kids.
This class of girls just cracked me up when they all struck this pose!   I love their spunk!
This beautiful woman was our translator and is also a teacher at the school.
This girl's name was Karen so we decided we needed a picture together.

Tomorrow we are going to two villages where we will do medical clinics and pass out rice.  We leave bright and early and I can't wait to go!  This is where the mosquitoes will most likely be a problem (they have not been a problem at all so far).  We have DEET spray so I think we will be okay. 

It is pouring rain right now and sounds so cool on our metal roof.  Sounds like a typhoon, but I'm sure it isn't!

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