Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary

The party is over and we are now savoring all of the memories that were made.

First there was the 'day before' family gathering.  It was so nice to see my dad's siblings and my mom's sister.
My dad and his sister.  Some things never change.  She couldn't resist giving him horns.

Tiddledy Wink Championships....

Zoey is reigning champion with no even close to competing with her.  In fact, the second day she said, "I want to play someone good."  ha.

There was daily poles were sticks.  We tied fishing line to them and put bread on the hooks.  The kids pulled in one after another.  So fun!  Zoey and SaraGrace were elected to take the fish off the hooks--although Zoey did far more by the end of the day.

SaraGrace caught several fish that had hooks that were hard to remove.  She would start praying, "God please help me to get the hook out.  Please don't let the fishy die."  I think she is the only kid I know who prays and feels sad over the fish she catches.
Miss Zoey throws a fish back.

The little kids practicing the song they performed at the anniversary party.

The tables at the anniversary party.

Singing for Grandma and Grandpa

Telling stories about God's faithfulness and also some hilarious anecdotes.

Most of their wedding party was in attendance!

My siblings and I sang "Find Us Faithful" as a gift to my parents.  We only had time to practice it the morning of the party and we managed to botch the first line due to the difficulty of the opening music soundtrack--but we laughed it off and continued.  hahahahahaha

My brother, Steve, and sister, Kris, sing a rousing rendition of "Amazing Grace."

It was a wonderful evening and we are so thankful that my dad was feeling well enough to be there.  He is doing so much better than he was in January due to a new medication.

Meanwhile....on Friday, as we were decorating for the party, my cell phone rang.  It was Make A Wish with news that Katie's wish was going to be granted!  She wished to meet Bethany Hamilton (from the movie, Soul Surfer).  She is the young woman whose arm was bitten off by a shark as she surfed near her home in Kauai.  She overcame it to become a professional surfer and is a Christian with a beautiful testimony about how God helped her through it all.  So....much to our intense excitement, we are flying to Kauai in two days to meet her and to get some surfing lessons!!!!! 

I arrived home last night from Ohio, will do a boatload of laundry and in two days we will boarding a plane at 6AM to Kauai.  Pinching myself...and needing to get off the computer so I can go get ready!! 


sara said...

what a wonderful celebration!!! and oh my, Hawaii in TWO days. Praying for time management and smooth traveling!!!! What an awesome experieince!

Angie said...

Beautiful celebration for your parents, and so glad to hear that your dad's health is improving. Hawaii?? Really?? The whole family?? Have a wonderful trip...we love that movie!

Musings from Kim K. said...

The anniversary pics had me I tears and then reading about the make a wish grant had me in tears again. How fantastic!!!!!

Tesseraemum said...

Just the pics make this look like such a wonderful party!! Love how you displayed your mom's wedding dress! Have fun in Hawaii!! Sheri

Sharon said...

Love the pictures! A great celebration with wonderful memories made...can't beat that! We were all sad that we weren't able to see you guys, but we're SO happy you're all going to Hawaii! Looking forward to the beautiful Hawaii pictures! :)