Friday, May 10, 2013

And We're Off....

We have had a very eventful week.  Ha.

Tuesday evening, I returned from a 13 hour road trip with loads of dirty laundry.

Friday morning at 2:45 AM, an airport van picked us up to take us on Kate's Make A Wish trip.

In between was a whole lotta laundry, packing and running errands. 
And I had a lot of thoughts like, "Why was I crazy enough to think I could pull off getting 10 people ready for a trip to Kauai in two days?" 
We extroverts always think we can accomplish more than we actually can.

So I prayed a lot.

And we made it.  The kids were all jazzed about being able to wake up at 2AM today and lobbied hard to stay up all night.
We nixed that one very quickly.

When the van driver got there 15 minutes early, we were all ready and rarin' to go.

We are currently in Phoenix and will be boarding the plane to Kauai shortly.  I mistakenly thought there would be a movie to watch on the first flight.  Oh well....I didn't want the kids bringing heavy backpacks full of toys since I knew we would be walking 45 miles from one terminal to another. 
Sure enough.
OK--not 45 miles.
Maybe only 41.

Next blog will be from Kauai!  We arrive there mid-afternoon and then Saturday, we will meet Bethany Hamilton and Kate gets a personal surfing lesson from her! 
Blurry iPhone picture of bleary-eyed but excited family.


Angie said...

You are THE woman...traveling to Kauai with 8 kiddos and only 2 days to prep!! Have a wonderful time!

sara said...

I am amazed and bowing down to your abilities!!!

Have a GREAT time..praying for all your travels!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Seriously WILD and CRAZY. I'm so impressed and can't wait to follow your journey.