Saturday, May 11, 2013

Today is Kate's Big Day!

We arrived right on schedule yesterday afternoon and everyone was so excited!  As soon as we entered the baggage claim area, we saw a sign with Kate's name on it and a lady waiting with ten lai's for us.  They were so pretty!  She put one on each of us, hugged us and said, "Aloha."  Since we've only seen that done on TV, we all thought that was pretty neat.  Sadly, all of the iPhone pics I took of that are not transferring via email, so I can't post them.

We had two flights, one 6 hour and one 7 hour.  The six hour flight had no movie but the kids did pretty well (other than Jake and Zoey getting a little too exuberant at times).  The second flight had two movies, which weren't all that kid-friendly but they did ok.  We were spread all over the plane on the second flight but everyone was brave and didn't fuss about having to sit with a stranger.  I think they were just so excited that nothing was going to dim their fun.  Zoey and I sat next to a surfer dude who said he was a friend of Bethany's and her fiance.  Cool. 

Make A Wish reserved a van and a car for us, so once we got those rented we were off to our villa.  We have two villa's actually.  Each sleep 5.  Jeff is in one with four kids and I am in the other.  They are really nice--two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen.  At check-in, they insisted that Jeff come out to the car and bring us all in so that we could be presented with another lei and a 'welcome to Kauai.'  So fun! 

It was hilarious listening to the comments the kids were making in the backseat of the van while we were driving.
"This is da best day ever!"
"Katie, thank you for picking dis place and for having us come with you."
"It's so beautiful here!  I want to live here."

After we got settled in our rooms, we took the kids to get some dinner.  It had been drizzling off and on since we arrived, but as we were returning to our villa's, the sun started to peek out.  We are hoping it will clear up for today's surfing lessons but it's still pretty cloudy this morning.  If it rains we will still have fun, but of course we are hoping to see the sun.

We meet Bethany today at 11AM.  Eeek!  So excited! :)


sara said...

so fun to be able to keep up with you on this fun adventure!!

Lori said...

Oh my word, I am just so stinking excited for you guys!!!!! I soooo hope that you have the best time of your lives!

And listen, if you want me to, I'll swing by your house, load up all your stuff and gladly bring it to you so you never have to return from paradise. And while I'm there, I might as well stay too.

Okay then, I'll see you soon!

Terri said...

CAN'T WAIT to read the next installment!!!! Still can't believe all the God is doing for you-all!!! WooHoo! God is GOOD!!!

Debbie Sauer said...

So glad you are posting! Blessings

Musings from Kim K. said...

Totally on pins and needles. How very very exciting!!!

PS. Happy Mother's day!!