Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jordan update

Poor Jordan had a rough night of vomiting. UGH. Three different anti-nausea meds were tried with very poor results. He seems to have turned the corner this morning though. I think maybe the anesthetic had to work itself out of his body.

He is totally mortified at the 'space-man helmet.' No amount of, "We can pretend we are spacemen,' was comforting. He does NOT want to go to school wearing it. I have emailed the school staff to see what we can work out. The helmet is really bugging him so I hope he can get used to it. I feel so bad for him.

The good news is that the doctor said that if he can eat and drink, he can go home today instead of tomorrow. After a wretched night of our roommate's nurse not using her 'people-are-sleeping-so-perhaps-I-should-speak-quietly,' voice, we are TIRED.

Have I mentioned that I think having two patients per room should be out-lawed? Oh, yes, I think I mentioned that the last time we were here. Urgh.

In the midst of my great annoyance last night, I did come back to reality with the thought that my uncle would give anything to be in my place rather than planning a funeral for his daughter. So I will just be thankful and count my blessings--that my child is alive and well--and this is so very temporary.


Kim K. said...

Praying for an early release for Jordan. Best wishes with the headgear and school arrangements too. Continued prayers for your extended family too and their loss.

Anonymous said...

oh Jordan I'm so sorry about your nausea...and the "helmet"! Hope you're feeling better today and that something can be worked out about the "space" look, so you won't fall behind in your schoolwork! Maybe once you get home your brothers and sister can think of some things to cheer you up!

I'm praying you'll be able to go home you and your Mom can get some rest!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you recover!

Theanne ;-)

PS what happened to that great tech thingy you were playing with yesterday?

Lori said...

YES, so much to be thankful for. Your family's loss of your cousin has been on my heart a lot the last couple days.

But umm, hilarious about your not-so-quiet-nurse friend.

I will continue to pray for Jordan! For healing AND for his school situation. I don't blame him one bit for not wanting to go like that! Although he really does look pretty tough!

Tesseraemum said...

Aww Jordan! Poor sweet boy!
Hope you get to go home today.
And the helmet is not bad at all! Your friends will be jealous when they see it! They can probably help you think of ways to use it to your advantage at school. Don't rule it out!

Sharon said...

I hope you will be going home soon. Poor Jordan. I know it will all be worth it, but I know it's hard right now. He is such a handsome little boy! We will be praying the adjustment gets better.

Anonymous said...

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