Wednesday, March 28, 2012

J-Man and Zoey round out the month-spent-at-hospitals

Whew...this March has been the month we have spent driving to hospitals.

Thankfully, yesterday was our last of four trips to Shriner's for Zoey's new leg. I think it turned out pretty cool.

Her plaid leg is on the left. It never fit quite right, so they made her a new one.

They put an old foot on the plaid one so Zoey can use it this summer at the beach. Last year at the beach, the sock and liner would get soaking wet and if we tried to go anywhere afterwards, the poor kid had to slosh her way around. This summer, she will have a dry leg to switch over to. Yay!

Making adjustments to the foot

Chloe also went to Shriners with us for her yearly check-up. They monitor her leg length discrepancy to try to predict when to do surgery on her growth plate in her longer leg. The doctor said that they are about 90% accurate at figuring it out through hand x-ray's. Amazing! He predicted that her surgery would take place around age 12.

J-Man went back to school on Monday. He was bored stiff at home and missed his teacher and classmates. I was a bit nervous for him to go but everyone at school has been very careful about not bumping his ear. He has grown accustomed to his bandage helmet and said he can't even feel it anymore. He is such a trooper! He gets a new bandage every Friday for a few more weeks.

We have a few sick kids and are hoping that it doesn't travel through the family. Two separate viruses. Oh goody. Not sure which is worse...the one with the high fever or the barfing...


I'd prefer the fever. At least there is nothing to clean up. And nothing to smell.


Yvette said...

Oh LOVE the picture of Zoey's leg - just what I needed to try and show Cav and our others - just scheduled his surgery for June 4th. We got the movie Dolphin tail too.

Hope everyone feels better soon!

Kim K. said...

Zoey's leg is just fabulous. J-Man is definitely a very brave you man. Good for him for going to school.

Here's hoping to quick recoveries and that the germ fairy has officially left your house.

Chris said...

LOVE the LEG! Joe will probably need a new one this year and I was trying to decide what kind of design to encourage him to choose. He probably won't go for that one, but ...
Boredom is a good thing..hope that Jordon will get back into the groove at school
Ugh's spring now..go away!

Anita Johnson said...

I'm trying to get to know the people that follow my photography blog and I finally made my way here. Your family is beautiful and I have found myself tearing up as I read your posts. Just want you to know that I'll stop by have one more follower praying for your family from Wisconsin. God bless you...

Anonymous said...

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Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

You were certainly busy here in America while we were in China! What beautiful smiles on the faces of your children.

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