Wednesday, March 14, 2012

J-Man's surgery

Our little man now has two ears! So amazing..

He wasn't a bit nervous when we arrived at the hospital this morning (at an hour that no one should have to be up.)

Shortly afterwards, our pastor and the children's ministry director at our church arrived to pray with him. (The fact that they were also up at an hour no one should be up was very appreciated by us.)

After he got all prepped, they asked what he wanted to play with. He said a DS. I would type out the whole name if I knew what it was.
I am such a nerd.'s a hand held video game.

Note to self: Do not, under any circumstances, EVER, buy him one.
I would never see his face again.
He was completely glued. He zoned out and heard nothing around him. He took it into the operating room and continued to play after they put the mask over his mouth and nose. Even as his eyes started to droop, he was STILL playing.

Good grief!

He was in surgery all day--about seven hours. The surgeon came out and showed me pictures of the ear before he put it in and then what it looked like after it was in. It looks really good!

We will not actually see it for awhile because he has to wear a pressure dressing over it. I had no idea what a pressure dressing looked like.

When I walked into recovering and saw him lying in the bed with his head all bandaged, it made my heart flip over. He was so pitiful. Poor little guy.

He has been such a great little patient. He is really nauseous and has been vomiting or dry heaving quite often. They just gave him some anti-nausea meds, so I hope that helps. He has an incision in his ribs where they took out the cartilage, so it really hurts when he is vomiting.

The red tubing are drains that are taking the fluid away from the ear so that it can heal better and keep the swelling down. He will have those in until next week.

Hopefully he will be feeling much better tomorrow. The nurses have strict instructions to stay ahead of the pain and I told the night nurse about poor Zoey's dreadful 2 hour pain chase. So I hope Jordan will rest well and pain-free tonight.

Good news and bad news.
Good news is that no one is going to see his bad hair cut for 4 weeks.
Bad news is that he has to wear this pressure bandage for those same 4 weeks.

I had no idea he would have to wear it more than one week. UGH. I'm not sure how he is going to feel about wearing it to school. I decided to post these pictures so that everyone can get used to seeing him wearing it. I don't think he can hide in the house for the next month. The surgeon told me today that his teenage patients refuse to go to school (I can see why!) and get tutored instead. He is hoping Jordan will be willing to go to school.

I don't know... I'll show him tomorrow...and pray that he doesn't get too upset.


Jo's Corner said...

Sweet little guy! He is so precious, Karin! It's times like this when you see how very vulnerable they really are. I hope (and Pray!) that his nausea is controlled by the meds. I can imagine that it's really painful for him to heave or even to move! And, I'm glad they have orders to stay on top of the pain! Remind them if they are a minute late. Tell J-Man that he looks like a "Super Cool Spaceman" with a helmet on! Make him WANT to show it off to his buddies. Boys are probably better about the whole "looks" thing! I'm thinking he should probably miss a few days of school. More to protect his ear from getting bumped. Give your boy a kiss on his cheek from me, okay? And, know that you've been on my mind A LOT today. I've been lifting you and J-Man and your sweet cousins family to Him today. Asking and Believing for Peace during such a difficult time. And, healing and a stunning new ear for your son! Love You, Karin

Chris said...

They are tougher than we give them credit...and yet...I could see staying home, but maybe if you are totally boring he will decide that school is OK
Prayers for that pain med schedule- be a mama bear

Jean said...

Oh dear boy! It's all for a good cause- he will be happy when the 4 weeks are over.

Saying prayers for him!

Cari said...

That a lot to go through for you and J-man both! I hope he doesn't get too anxious about going to school with that on. I pray that it heals quickly with no complications. So glad to have you back blogging :) Missed ya!

Anonymous said...

even with the vomiting and the rib pain, he appears to be doing very well...prayers answered! continuing prayers for his healing and the wonder of seeing his new ear! and for keeping the pain that will come at bay!

also throwing in a prayer about him being willing to go to school...not holding my breath on this one...but you never know, kids can surprise you!

and lastly prayers for you Karin, for Jeff and brothers and sisters! who will all be helping with caregiving and encouragement when Jordan comes home!

hugs to all, Theanne

James, Dawn and Family said...

can't wait to see the results!

Kim K. said...

Sending lots of prayers for his recovery and acceptance of his special headgear. He's such a brave young man. Extra (((virtunal))) hugs too!!

Anonymous said...

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