Monday, July 18, 2011

Meeting a Special Friend

Last Thursday we had a fun outing to Boston to meet a special friend. Zoey's BFF from her orphanage was going to be in town with her family. We had never met but her mom and I had corresponded online since before our girls were adopted.

Her daughter, Abby, has memories of the orphanage and had originally asked her new mom and dad to adopt Zoey because Zoey was her best friend. How precious! At the time, we were already in process to bring Zoey home, so they were able to assure Abby that her little friend would soon have a family of her very own.

We met at the beach. It had been in the 90's all week.
But not on Thursday.
It was in the 70's.
With gale force winds.
That put the wind chill around what? 65? ugh.

But we are tough, right?
We CAN enjoy ourselves.
Shivering? Pshaw.
Spitting out sand? Pshaw.

After two hours, we got our lunch.
Pizza seemed like a good choice.
One child set her plate down and it flipped over.
Then one child put his plate down to go grab a drink and nimbly kicked sand onto his pizza.
After several of the kids had pizza covered with sand, we decided that we had put up with enough sand in our faces and headed to McDonalds.

Zoey and Abby had fun--although it took Zoey a little while to warm up. They were just getting comfortable with each other when we had to head home.

Sorry...not many pics because of the blowing sand. Not good to get that into camera gears.
Abby brought Zoey a necklace. It was one that matched hers. One said "Best" and other said, "Friend." Zoey is fingering her necklace in this photo. She's been wearing it ever since.


Cari said...

awe, that is so sweet! what great memories for the two of them.

Angie said...

What a special connection!

Kim K. said...

What a treasured friend. I'm sorry the weather didn't quite cooperate but the sweet joy on their faces is just priceless.

Lori said...

So very sweet! I have a feeling their friendship really will be forever!

I'm so sorry about weather. Sort of. Not really, actually. It's been 100 degrees here for weeks now and it's awful!

But sand in your pizza...that really is sad.

May the sand of life always stay far away from your pizza.

Words to live by. I made that up.

Feel free to quote me. LOL

trustandobey said...

These stories are so sweet! I love them!

Sharon said...

Very Sweet! :) It is so hard to eat on the beach though. If there's any wind at all, you're going to have sand in your food.

Ann said...

Karin...We so enjoyed spending the day with you, albeit amidst weather and direction challenges...not to mention hauling all our stuff and kids on and off the beach to McDonalds. Nonetheless, it was a highpoint of our trip and what Abby will remember about Boston. She loves Zoey so... We finally arrived home late last night. I had a root canal started bright and early this morning, so I am just now getting around to downloading and editing pictures. Love that picture of Abby and Zoey.