Monday, July 11, 2011

Catch-up Post

First, an update on little guy, Tommy. We saw him today and he is doing very well! He is already out of PICU and although tired, he looked amazingly alert and healthy. Thank you, Jesus. He will have to stay in the hospital until his chest tubes stop draining large amounts of fluid, though.


And now for a recap of our day of swimming while we were visiting old friends the week of Ryan and Dani's wedding. We had no sooner walked into the pool area and were setting down our stuff when we heard a loud splash. We whirled around to see that Miss Zoey had dived into the pool with no life jacket. Good grief! She was bobbing up and under and pretty much panicking. Neither Jeff nor I had swimsuits on. Jeff started unloading his phone and wallet from his pockets so he could go in and get her. Somehow, she bobbed over close enough for him to reach in and grab her without going in.

Despite her exciting beginning, Zoey had no qualms about going back in the water.

Picnik collage_pool

SaraGrace and my sweet neice, Brittany.
I LOVE swimming!
My swimming is more low key but I still have fun.

" got like three feet of air that time!"

"And you got your face"
"That's right! I'm ninja at this swimming thing."

Jake had a scare when he dove {sort of} into his tube only to have it go over, putting his face under the tube, stuck underwater. YIKES! Thankfully, we saw it happen and grabbed him. He told everyone later that he drowned three times.

The princess tries to get some air.

And gets a nice splash, thank you very much!

After Zoey swam awhile with her leg on, the socks became quite heavy so she decided to try swimming without it. She mostly likes jumping in--which meant she had to hop over to the side first.

Getting into position...

The crouch...

She hurtles through space and time...
{OK...I know that is a slight exaggeration}

Love the tightly closed eyes and look of intensity!


The teenager was there but he gets all cranky when I take photos of him and post them on the blog, so I will use all of my will-power and not post any.

Thank you, Susie, we had a wonderful time swimming with you in your pool!


Kim K. said...

Never a dull moment...even swimming! Your kiddos look like they are definitely having loads of fun. I understand the teenager/blog thing.

Lori said...

Love it! Love me a good day at the pool.

Cute pics. SO CUTE!

Poo-poo on Teenager for being cranky about pics. Someday he'll look through your blog and whine that you never posted any of him. You can't win.

I assume if a pic had been taken of you, we would have seen you sitting in a lounger with a good magazine, sipping a drink adorned with an umbrella? That's what I thought. Being a mom at the pool is so relaxing and enjoyable.


sara said...

I'm with Kim, never a dull moment with our group!!!

Looks like everyone had great fun.... well we wouldn't know about the teenager now would we? :) You have much more will power than I do! ha!

trustandobey said...

I can't believe you let my Jake drown 3 times!!! So glad he lives to tell the tale:)
Thankful to hear of Tommy's recovery.

Anonymous said...

Always love the photos of the kids enjoying can scare a person to death when they're around the water! Happy everything turned out well and that Jeff didn't have to jump in :) I understand the teen thing!

Cari said...

Now those are some funny pics {and narration} lol! Looks like your family is having a busy but fun summer.

Gretchen said...

Loved the drowned three times part ;)