Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring is here!

We are having the most beautiful spring! It is so wonderful to see everything turning green, flowers coming up, trees blooming, and birds singing!

Yesterday SaraGrace asked me to pitch to her so she could practice her swing, and I had to take a picture of her in her high heels and batting helmet. She came up with this attire all by herself. You don't see THAT every day.... Jillian pitched this one so I could take the photo.


The girls just left for a Saturday morning breakfast date with Dad. They got all dressed up in their favorite clothes and posed for a picture before they left. Their favorite 'restaurant' is McDonalds. Blech....

Jeff just emailed me photos of 'breakfast with the princesses' from his cell phone...

Tonight is prom and we are all looking forward to seeing Ryan in a tux and Shelby in her pretty dress. The excitement is building for the girls who can't wait to see Shelby looking like a princess!

Here are so other misc. pictures of our week...

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