Thursday, April 27, 2017

Yangshuo and Guilin

I forgot to document some of the afternoon after our boat ride down the Li River.  Immediately after disembarking, we met a bevy of vendors on our way out to the vans.  It looked liked this...
 A bit claustrophobic...
This guy was selling photo ops with his cormorants for 3 yuan.
We then went to a large market area where there were stores and restaurants 'for cheaper prices.'  We actually saw cooler items in the vendor area but we were told to wait and shop at the market.  Rats!

The fruit looked good.
The rat did not.  Ewwww....

Then it was time for some fun!  There was a 'spa' that offered fish nibbling.  You plunge your feet into a fish tank and let the fish eat the dead skin off your feet.  Kind of like a pedicure sans the nail polish.
Kind of.
The girls had tried it a few days prior and wanted me to experience it.
It tickled excruciatingly the first few minutes, followed by a pins and needles feeling, and eventually relaxation.
Well...sort of.
Until you looked at your feet and thought, 
"Why am I letting fish nibble my feet?  How gross is this?"

See for yourself...

The following morning came bright and early with the offer of a group tai chi lesson.  I was quite disinterested but the girls wanted to experience everything in China.  So off we went.

The scenery was beautiful - which somewhat made up for the early morning and empty stomach.  And no coffee.
In fact, it was so beautiful that I soon became bored and distracted (oh look!  Squirrel!).  I wandered off to take some pictures.
Ahhhhh...fabulous view.

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mary m said...

I have been following your heritage trip to China...I
am just in awe that your girls are able to come back to
their birth country and have this experience.
I loved the pic and the girls

smiles as they were doing
the fish "pedicure". So cute.
Thank you so much for sharing these amazing
I like to imagine the girls in high school or on to
college, look at the immense treasury of experience
they can pull from if they have to writes essays or
"my favorite family trip"
Bless you girls and Mom and the "littles" at home

mary m age 70