Sunday, April 09, 2017

Made it to Beijing!

We had a very eventful trip - but it was only that way while still in the US.  UGH!  Our flight was delayed until 11am and our flight from Detroit to China was leaving at 12:45.  Our flight landed at 12:30, we exited the plane at 12:35 and did an all out sprint to the next terminal.  Well...we started out sprinting... hehe...we ended up walking fast part of the way after we felt like we were going to die of heart attacks on the spot.

We made our flight with 2 minutes to spare.  The staff at the desk grabbed our passports and boarding passes because we were shaking and fumbling so bad we couldn't do it ourselves.  But we made it.

Our luggage did not.

Thankfully, I had instructed the girls to put underwear and a t-shirt in their carry-on's so at least we are wearing something clean today.

We got out our hotel around dinner time.  So far the girl's impressions of China:
Very different
We're all going to get hit by a car.
The food at the hot pot restaurant:  Gross.  Don't use any of the sauces.  (They were laughing at Grandma because she called it a pot restaurant.)
Jillian says she likes the food here.

Everyone tries to speak to the girls in Chinese and look puzzled when the girls give them a blank stare.  We caused no small stir in the Hot Pot restaurant last night because we didn't do ANYTHING the way we were supposed to.  Employees kept coming over and re-doing what we attempted - and looked rather disgusted at the stupid Americans who couldn't even figure out how to cook their food in a pot of water.  It was quite hilarious!
Pretty sure that the dishes speak for themselves.  Heh...

We then walked around a little and saw an amazing bakery which we wanted Jillian to be able to see since she loves decorating cakes.  This wedding cake was pretty incredible!

Miss Chloe has been hoping she would be able to find "Ball Cakes" in China.  She loved them when we were here adopting her and we always brought them home to her whenever we were in China.  She was so excited to find them in the very first store we visited.  Yay!  (I think they are gross but Jillian and Chloe love them.)

We are headed off to a school this morning.  This afternoon it will be Temple of Heaven and the famous Pearl Market.  The Pearl Market is several floors of everything imaginable.  The girls have the goal of buying North Face jackets and seem to be counting on Mama to do all the bargaining.  I will sure miss the expertise of Dad and Taylor in that area.  Ack!  Not my favorite thing to do but it has to be done.  Haha

The Terra Cotta warriors in our hotel lobby.

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Fab5 said...

Katie is glad Chloe found ball cakes.
SG thought the menu at the Pot restaurant was gross.
They were all impressed with the wedding dress cake and thought Jillian could make one.
Zoey is happy that you made it safely.
They all miss you and hope you have a great trip!