Monday, February 02, 2015

Pictures for Grandpa

I haven't updated on my dad in awhile.
{Oh, let's be real....I haven't updated this BLOG in awhile...}

He has made the decision to stop chemo.  It's just gotten too hard and is making him miserably sick.  He had an MRI last week and it showed that the cancer has gone into his spine.  He is losing feeling in his arm and shoulder so will be starting radiation tomorrow.  The radiation always makes him quite tired and sick, so prayers would be greatly appreciated.  He continues to be in pretty good spirits - except for the days that he is very sick. 

One thing he has requested is that I post pictures of the kids to the blog.  So in no particular order, here is a random sampling of what we have been doing the past month or so.

 Christmas Day.  God answered Dad's prayers to have a memorable day with his family.
He also felt well enough to tell the kids one of his famous bear stories.
Here is my mom passing out all the presents she bought and wrapped.  My dad is always telling me how cute she is.
 Back home, Jeff had a surprise for the kids.  I thought I had pictures of them riding but all I have are videos.  Sorry!
I found a pogo stick at a local resale store and the kids have had a blast with it. 
  This hockey game brought back many memories of my childhood games with my brother.  The kids had fun with it for a few days until it broke.  Ugh.  Cheap piece of junk.

Katie-bug had a birthday...her last one in double digits.
She requested a bonfire, which her older brother was happy to provide
She wanted a giraffe cake and Jillian made this for her.  So cute!
Jake and Zoey rooted for the Patriots during several games in January - although Jake often just rooted for whoever was winning.  Siiigh...
We got all excited a week or so ago when snow started to fall.  It was dark so we turned on the outdoor lights to watch it.  The following morning we woke up to actual snow on the ground.  This was the big show - ha!  It looked more like a hard frost and melted by noon.
Most days it's in the 40's or 50's but the days that reach the 60's mean that the kids are begging to wear shorts and t-shirts.  When I tell them it's not warm enough, they tell me they are 'roasting hot' and sweating.
 So I relent.
They play outside almost every day and love zipping up and down the driveway - which is quite long.  Good thing we don't have to shovel snow here!
We have had some days that were warm enough to do school on the front porch.  
One day we looked up and noticed that Jordan was relaxing with his feet out the window.  Or maybe SaraGrace  (his school partner) told him that his feet stunk.
Wherever Chloe is doing school, the dog is right beside her 
(whether the dog wants to be there or not). 
And sometimes Ginger likes to appear smart.
We have spent countless hours playing Dutch Blitz - the best game on earth.
SaraGrace shows us one of her "Dancing with the Stars" moves.  
{Don't look at the messy counter behind her.}
Jake drew a portrait of me.  I seem to have jaundice, a broken arm... and my brother politely mentioned that I appear to be a man.  When I asked Jake why he didn't finish coloring the picture, he said his crayon broke.
This awesome room is the one we use for school but we had no place to put our books.
Daddy to the rescue!
Look what Jeff built!  He spent several weekends hard at work and did a great job!

Another project...We didn't care for the wallpaper, so Taylor stripped it.  The built-in ironing board was a big disappointment because it hit the washing machine and wouldn't fully open.  Doh!  Sadly, it had to go bye-bye.
I wanted a board and batten wall with hooks, kind of like something I would see in a Pottery Barn catalog.
Here it was mid-way through the process.
Not totally decorated but Jeff's part is all done.  Oh...and OF COURSE it always looks like this.  
I took all the coats down and pushed the shoes out of the way to take the picture.

Jillian and I have painted a few rooms but that will have to be a post for another day!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Continued prayers for your dad, Karin. I'm glad he put in a blog request that included lots of pictures. I've enjoyed getting caught up on your beautiful children. If you'd like me to share some of our MI snow, I'd be happy to. Hugs!!

sara said...

Praying for your dad today, Karin. I loved seeing all the pictures and getting caught up on your move!! Love what Jeff has been able to build all looks awesome!

Debbie Sauer said...

Praying for your Dad and all of you. Love the giraffe cake. Blessings

Lisa Allen said...

Hi Karen,
Beautiful home! Enjoyed looking at the kids. Everyone is growing up;(
Hope you are well.

Dale Brown said...

It is very heartwarming to see your pictures. Your father must surely be feeling like he is on cloud nine. You have given your father a great gift by doing this. I think he will surely be very happy.
I don't know if it is appropriate to say this but I am sure even if your father passes away these memories will make his death seem like an endless sleep of tranquility. Life is made by and for memories, good or bad. Filling your father's mind with these memories is like doing the work of the Lord.
So be strong and best wishes for your family.