Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When there is no snow and you want to go sledding...

We haven't missed the snow.  At All.

But sometimes, you just need the wind in your hair.

Sledding provides that for you - hence the mention of snow.

The movers left behind one of their dolly's several weeks ago after the move.  Within minutes of the discovery, the kids started playing with it by wrapping scarves around it and pulling each other around.  A few days later, the movers came back with my sewing machine that had gotten mixed in with another family's belongings.  We offered the dolly back to them but after several failed attempts to remove the scarves, they good-naturedly said the kids could keep it.

Sunday afternoon the kids got it out again.
They made a seat out of a cardboard box and the boys, in an odd act of chivalry, offered to be mules and pull the girls around.
Wheee!  Hold on tight!
These two love to pose.
Things went reasonably well. 
For awhile.
Until one of the mules lost interest and bailed out.
A new mule was found.  She was a bit over-eager and energetic.
The riders started to scream with delight at how fast they were going.
Then the delight turned to fright as SaraGrace realized that perhaps the 'sled' was going out of control as the mules ran amuk.
Kate had no such insight.
Suddenly, Jordan tripped as the happy mule dashed on ahead of him and caused a pile-up.  Jordan only had some skinned palms and although Zoey is lying on the ground, she was just fine.  

The riders decided that they had enjoyed enough thrills for one day so that was the end of the 'sled' for that day.

Today some of them found a board that they were using to 'skateboard' down the slide.
Thankfully, that ended without incident.

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