Saturday, April 06, 2013

Making Forts

The kids have been making lots of forts lately.  I have been so amused by some of their designs.  I need to take more pictures--but I did manage to get these of Jake's fort the other day.

 We recently bunked the boys' beds.  We always used the beds as twin beds but they needed a little more space on the floor so we decided to bunk them.  They love them!  Jake is forever making cozy hideaways.  This was the latest.  They have a crib sized mattress that they keep under their bed and that is one of the 'walls' of his fort.

And for about 10 days, he had this hammock design going on.  He slept in it every night.  Don't ask me how he managed to get comfortable since it was way too small for him.

Ahhhh....the joys of childhood.  These kids crack me up!

1 comment:

sara said...

there is nothing like a good fort!!!

It's all fun until someone gets conked on the head with the huge rock used to hold up one end of the fort....that may or may not have happened in my house! :)