Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston...One Week Later

Kate and SaraGrace had their annual cardiac appointments at Boston Children's Hospital today.   We decided to leave a bit early so we could go pay our respects at a memorial site for the victims of the bombing.

As we neared the city, I got a bit of a lump in my throat.  I was not born and raised here and I was not expecting the rush of emotion that I felt.  I love the old brick buildings and charming architecture. I love the history.  

Spring trees and bushes are in full bloom, making the city even more appealing.  We found a parking garage and got out with map in hand to find our way to the bombing area.  The girls skipped happily alongside me.  Eventually, we arrived at Boylston Street.

You can see the street sign, along with a Boston Marathon flag.  Directly across the street was a small crowd clustered around a makeshift memorial.

We were surprised to see a Guatemala flag with a message from some Guatemalan runners. 

"Boston Strong" is being seen all over.

Crosses for the three who died.

"This is our city!!"

There were many pairs of running shoes among the flowers, signs and stuffed animals.

The actual bombing area is two blocks away.  It is all blocked off and businesses are closed.  You can see the sign for the Lenox Hotel where many of the press briefings took place, near the bombing site.

TV crews and trucks line the street and we saw some reporters doing live segments.  SaraGrace thought that was extremely interesting.

The small crowd paying respects and taking pictures.

Turning around...this church and beautiful magnolia tree is on the other side of the street.  TV crews lined this side of the street as well.

Tribute tied to a tree, overlooking the closed section of Boylston St.

It's all fenced off like this.

People walk amid the TV cameras, talking quietly.

The girls were mostly enamored with the magnolia tree and trying to figure out how to get a flower.  Their innocence was evident and they didn't really comprehend the reason for the memorial.  

The buildings next to the church.  So beautiful.  

All the TV trucks and links seem so out of character for this spot.

No matter how ugly the depravity of men, there is still beauty around us.  God is so very good at reminding us of that.

As we drove away from the area, I noticed these yellow signs and got another lump in my throat, imagining the fear and panic that families felt trying to find each other in the chaos. 
The yellow signs lined the street.  Maybe these are set up for every marathon (?) but they must have been incredibly more useful than normal that day.

At one point, I was sandwiched between two DHS vehicles.

More of the beautiful city as we headed over to Children's Hospital.

So pretty.

At 2:50 the city had a moment of silence to honor the victims.  We were in the hospital by then and waiting to see the doctor, so I was able to gather the girls in my arms and pray for those who are suffering from the attack.

City buses are flashing "Boston Strong" on their signs.

Hospital where victims and perpetrator alike are recovering from their wounds.  Please pray for those who have had to care for both.  We have friends who are working in some of the hospitals and it has been really tough for them.  Really tough.  They have seen unspeakable things. 

Be Strong in the Lord, Boston. 


Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm wiping away tears looking at your pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Angie said...

Thanks for sharing, Karin. No words...

Marina said...

Thank you for sharing, Karin. Your pictures have a more powerful impact than those I have seen on news reports because they are so personal.

Sara Grace and Kate were right in choosing the magnolia tree to be enamored with - it is beautiful!

Sharon said...

Makes me so sad to think of what so many had to go through. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Beautiful. I'd much rather read your blog about this than the news. Beauty from the ashes.

Joyce said...

Thank you Karin!

James Franklin said...

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