Wednesday, December 05, 2012

In Her Own Words...Molly on her trip to Haiti

 My life-changing event.  (My trip to Haiti)
      "So, what did you do?" That was the first question my mom asked me when I 
walked into the door from coming home. I actually was thinking about writing 
this down, as the first question that anyone asked me after coming back from my 
first Missions Trip. Well I guess this kind of counts. I felt like saying, "mom, I 
went to Haiti there's a lot of things I did."   
     Well here's how it all started...our trip starting from when we landed into 
Haiti.  When we landed I knew that there was no turning back. This is it, the 
moment we've all waited for. When you look out of the window right then 
you know that it's not the same in America, of course.
       That day we took a little tour around the area.  That little tour just 
that alone would change a person's thought of  what poor meant.  What we saw 
were houses broken down, kids that weren't all the way dressed, some of them 
were even naked. They also were dirty, they looked like they haven't eaten for a 
long time, but they weren't complaining at all. They all had smiles on there 
faces and it was also hot out, and they didn't have any air conditioning. It was 
heart breaking.  When we came back we talked about it a lot, but that was still 
the first day, the day that we landed. We went to church the next day, and there 
was A LOT of people there. We went to three different church services that day, 
all before lunch time. The people there worship God almost all day, think about 
it, they don't really have anything and they sing their hearts out, plus it's 
also really early in the morning.
     I also worked with kids for three days. Every day they would all line up 
outside and sing their school song, it was really cool.  We acted out Bible 
stories, and sang songs in Creole and in English. They loved it we did crafts 
with them, they would sort of pull your arms and say 'sheeta' which means sit down 
down in Creole. They really liked it when we would sit by them we would sing 
with them, and they would just look at you right in the face and smile. Their 
smiles will just melt your heart. I also worked with the medical team.  I helped 
out with the reading glasses, we would give them something  to read, and if they 
said that it wasn't clear, we would give them a pair of reading glasses. The 
last day I helped with the construction team, we helped build walls around a 
high school. We hauled concrete. It was a lot of work to haul buckets of 
concrete all day. This is what the Haitian men have to do just for one high 
school. They didn't have any of those fancy machines, let's just say they didn't 
have all of those special equipment to build a high school. So, we helped them. 
      Our last full day in Haiti was our "day off" we went up to the mountains 
and to a restaurant and we had American food and went to gift shops .  
     The day we left was a Saturday and the sixth graders came to school to 
study for their test. A few of us went to the church and hooked up a piano and 
started singing worship songs, the kids came out for recess and came to the 
church, and sang with us. They didn't know what they were singing, because we 
were singing in English. But the kids would just come up hold your hand and sit 
by you, and sing with you. Then it was time to get all your stuff together and 
go to the airport. We said good bye to the kids and hugged them good bye. A 
couple of the kids would come up to you and hug you good bye and say I love you. 
That was like the one of the only things they knew in English. Then we left to 
the airport. When our plane took off I looked out of the window, and said good 
bye. When I looked out of the window I knew that I won't be seeing anything like 
this in a LOONG time. I hope to go back to Haiti another time. This trip was the 
best trip I've ever been on in my entire life, and it changed my life forever.
Molly - age 12 
 Molly, a friend, and Jillian


Kim K. said...

Thank you for sharing, Molly.

Lori said...

EXCELLENT, Molly! God will continue to use the time you spent there to bear much fruit for years to come, no doubt!

What a blessing you were to those sweet children...and they to YOU!

Marina said...

Molly - thank you for sharing about your trip!I'm glad that you were able to go on this trip and learn so much as you were serving the Lord.

May you continue to have a teachable heart, open to what the Lord has planned for you!

P.S. I'm sorry I wasn't able to meet you or Jillian in person in September when I met your mom and siblings but I hope to meet you both some day soon! Thank you both for the card you sent me - I was very glad to help.

Sharon said...

Molly, your trip sounds amazing! I'm so glad you were able to go and experience this. The kids there were SO blessed to have you and Jillian for a few days, but I know you feel equally as blessed. Thanks for sharing. :)

Kristin Ferguson said...

Molly you did a wonderful job giving us blog readers a good idea of what it is like in Haiti. Thank you for being willing to be used by God in this way. I'm sure many children were touched by you and the time you spent with them!

Angie said...

Molly, you shared beautifully and from the heart. This will, indeed, change your life and your outlook on the world. What a blessing that you could go and experience Haiti!

Jean said...

Thank you for sharing Molly! It sounds like a life changing mission trip!

Janet said...

Noticing your lack of posts lately.
I hope you are all well=)