Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Dad

I really have neglected this blog lately.  Life just seems to get away from me.

I wanted to post an update on my dad.  He has been having a lot of complications and bleeding that have landed him in ER numerous times.   He went to Cleveland Clinic this week to see if they had better ideas to try to stop the bleeding.  They did.  We were encouraged and optimistic.

They did a surgical procedure today--thinking they would cauterize the tumors in his bladder that are bleeding.

The doctor was not able to get to the tumor(s).  There was too much scar tissue and cancer.  So...this means that he will have to live with the frequent bleeding episodes that cause incredible pain.

He does have the option of one more procedure that might possibly make him more comfortable but it would involve a major surgery. 

I know my parents would appreciate prayer as they decide what to do...and just prayer in general as they walk this road of cancer.

We will be with him for Christmas and are going to try to make it a very special one.


Laura said...

So much love going out to you and your family from me. I wish you a very blessed Christmas.

(Your brother Mark turned me on to your blog a while back from a comment he made on FB.)


Kim K. said...

Prayers flowing from West MI, Karin. I'm sorry to hear of your father's health struggles. Thinking of you all.

Lori said...

I WILL be praying, Karin.

What is your dad's name?


Sharon said...

I'm glad you will be with him for Christmas. Enjoy this time with your dad. Merry Christmas!

Sean and Lisa said...

Oh Karin our prayers continue for your dad and each of you. I'm so glad you get to be together for Christmas and I will pray specifically for no pain and many happy memories!

Tesseraemum said...

Praying for your dear dad. I know he is a special one! Sheri

Kristin Ferguson said...

So glad you get to spend this Christmas with your Dad! What a gift that is. Just prayed for your Dad not to experience the pain he's been having,etc.

Jo's Corner said...

Thinking about you and your Dad, this Christmas morning. I am in bed with a high fever, but wanted to say "Merry Christmas" to you! I'm pretty sure you are in the midst of wrapping paper and excited children, right now. Enjoy your Treasures and spending time with those you love. Your Dad is in my prayers, as is your Mom. And, you, too, Karin. Feel the Joy on this oh so, Holy Day. Merry Christmas! Love, Jo