Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Like everyone...I have so much to be thankful for today.

- Having a relationship with God
- My family
- My friends
- Good health for most of my loved ones
- Living in America
- Mission trips our family has been able to take this year

And as we loaded up our table with Thanksgiving food, I kept thinking about the hungry people I saw in Honduras who waited patiently in the boiling hot sun for a chance to see a doctor.  Cemented in my mind is the image of a young mom feeding her two small children from a bowl of soup that had belonged to one of the team (we had been eating bowls of soup for lunch, got full, and didn't want to throw the food away when we knew people were hungry.  We offered the waiting families the food and they eagerly took it).

I'm so very thankful for the bounty at my table today, but it's hard to enjoy it without thinking of those who are going to bed hungry tonight.

Or those who are deployed and not with their families. 

Or families who have an newly empty seat at their tables.

This year, my dad is battling cancer and I wish so much that I could be with him for Thanksgiving.  But today, we are miles apart and that is okay because God is enough.
He always is enough.

An excerpt from my devotional today (Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young), said:
"A thankful mind-set does not entail a denial of reality with its plethora of problems.  Instead, it rejoices in Me, your Savior, in the midst of trials and tribulations.  I am your refuge and strength, an ever present and well-proved help in trouble."

Counting my blessings...and they are MANY.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day remembering all the things you have to be thankful for!


Kim K. said...

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Jean said...

I love love love that devotional!
I read that too the other day!!
Reading that devotional makes a difference in my days, my thoughts and my prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving! Saying prayers for your Mom and Dad. Be sure to share with them how well Luke is doing!

Sharon said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for your Dad Karin! It is difficult to not think of those who have nothing to eat when there is such an abundance on our tables...

jennifer anderson said...

if you would take food from a stranger! that is something else....