Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Harbinger

You may or may not have heard about the book, "The Harbinger," by Jonathan Cahn.  I read it recently and want to recommend it.

It is not a political book.  It's a book about how an ancient prophecy in Isaiah ties into the current affairs in the United States of America.  It will blow your mind at how precise God is.

The book centers on Isaiah 9:10, in the context that Israel is bragging about how they will rebuild their ruined city of Jerusalem all by themselves and don't need God.  "Our land lies in ruins now, but we will rebuild it better than before.  We will replace the broken bricks with cut stone, the fallen sycamore trees with cedars."

Did you know that the day after Sept. 11, 2001, the Senator Majority leader, speaking in our capitol city quoted that very same verse?

And three years later, on 9-11-04, another man, running for Vice President, not only quoted that same verse in our capitol city, but built his entire speech on Isa. 9:10

Who quotes Isaiah 9:10?  It's not like its a popular, well-known verse.

Neither men had any idea they were fulfilling an ancient prophecy of judgment and both eventually fell into disgrace.

There are specific stories about a sycamore at Ground Zero...certain events and dates that took place at the location of Wall Street, and our first commander in chief, George Washington, dedicated this nation to God in a very specific place which also became a significant location after 9-11.  There are stories about how broken bricks were replaced with a 'hewn stone,' and incredible dates that line up in ways that can bring no other conclusion than THERE IS A GOD.

And just yesterday, I heard an update from The Harbinger on Facebook that someone had noticed that the "Read through the Bible in a Year," version of the Bible, has Isaiah 9:10 in the daily reading for Sept. 11.  So for years before 2001, Americans were reading Isaiah 9:10 every year on Sept. 11--and continued to do so afterwards.

I came away from the book realizing two things:  1.  God is mind-blowingly detailed and He loves His people enough to warn them over and over that they need to turn back to Him, and 2., that America needs to return to God pronto!

You can probably get the book from your library--although a friend of mine tried yesterday and found out there were 72 people waiting ahead of her for 16 copies of the book.  You can get it directly from The Harbinger website, or Amazon.  The Harbinger website is a bit overwhelmed at the moment so I had better success with Amazon.


Angie said...

Just requested it through my library. Thanks for the rec! PS. Could you let your sweet daughters know that we are kind-of-patiently waiting to hear about their trip to Haiti??? :)

Lori said...

Since my library has such a LONG waiting list for this book (which is GREAT)...I have it on my wishlist at! I plan to be it just as soon as I can!

Alycia said...

Great book, huh?! Scary though, since we know that God is just.
Praying for Amercia's churches to wake up and repent.
Thanks for posting this!

Laurie said...

There is also a documentary 2 DVD set available called Isaiah 9:10 where he talks about all of this as well. My hisband got them for free through a web site somehow. It truly is eerie. I loaned it to my neighbor and she and I were just talking about it today. I agree with you about
God loving his people so much and we need to turn back to God pronto!