Friday, October 12, 2012

Road Trip to the Mountains

Ever since the day I knew we were moving to New England, I have wanted to see the leaves in the fall.  It has never worked out--nor have certain members of my family enthusiastically embraced the idea.

Party poopers.

So I decided to cross this off my bucket list while we could all fit in one vehicle.

I gave the kids a choice between two touristy activities--a one hour train ride or a 10 minute sky tram ride.  They chose the train.

I think they chose well.

The train only runs three times a day and only one trip worked for us.  We knew we would be cutting it close to make it there in time and it was so cute how the kids were praying in the back seat that God would help us make it.  We did...and we got the last 7 tickets available.  Yay, God!

There were several caboose's on the grounds, so we checked them out.

Have tickets....just waiting for the train to arrive.

Chooooo, chooooo.  All Aboard!
Zoey didn't like the loud train whistle.  At All.

We saw beautiful scenery.

We were in coach, which had no glass on the windows so it was a bit...uh....chilly.  However, the kids could lean out the windows for a better look.

"Dis is super fun!"

The train went a half hour down the track and then the engine switched from the front to the back of the train and pulled us back to the station.
Amber waves  Whatever...  They were still pretty.

Such interesting blends of color and texture.

Peeking out the window.  They thought it was super fun to STAND while the train was moving.

"Yay!  This is sooooo fun!  I love this!!"

Wah, our fun ride is over.

One of the cool vintage trains on the property.

Totally loved this train and wish I lived close enough to it to use it for family photography sessions.

And then we were off--to see the famous Kangamanga  Highway.
But first, we had to hit Duncan Donuts for some hot chocolate and donuts because our teeth were chattering.
Nothing like driving through beautiful mountain scenery while sipping hot chocolate and munching on donuts.  
Not that I would know.
At my age, I cannot indulge in such treats or I will gain five hundred pounds in five minutes.
But I did have some chai.  Yum.

The Kangamanga Highway did not disappoint!

My cute little treasures with their hot chocolate still in hand.
And spilled all over their jackets.

Last shot of this location as we headed further down the highway to see another spot of beauty.

They loved all the rocks at this spot.  Climbing on rocks is a favorite activity, I found out.

At this spot, they climbed waaay out on some rocks and then couldn't get back.
This happened because I was busy taking pictures of the amazingly cool bridge behind them and didn't notice what they were doing.

"Look at us, Mom!" 
"Uh...Mom?  We can't get back."
So Mom had to climb out there and rescue each kid.
Where was my cape and underoos when I needed them?

In spite of my heroic efforts, Jake ended up with two wet feet.
I heart covered bridges.  They are SO COOL and this one was still in use.

There were hiking trails near the bridge, so we took a short hike.  The kids found more rocks and climbed like mountain goats.

They didn't make much headway with this one.  haha

I'm pretty sure that God was just showing off when He created this part of the country.  Ahhhhh....

They all found walking sticks and brought them home.
I'm sure Jeff will be so pleased when he sees them littering up the garage.

Walking back toward the bridge.

How beautiful is this?

I'm pretty much in love with this picture and might get it enlarged.

Beautiful bridge!!
We finally had to tear ourselves away so that we could see more sites along the highway.
A little further down, another beautiful location.
The kids thought it was so cool to walk way out on these rocks (with my permission) and make it seem like they were laying in the water.  They weren't...just the camera angle.

I would have loved to just sit and drink in the gorgeousness of this place--but alas, the light was fading.
Scenic outlook but the light was fading too much to get a very good shot.

Goodbye, White Mountains!  We loved our visit!


sara said...

oh my word....breath taking!!! and I love the bridge picture of your!!!

Sharon said...

Simply STUNNING!!!

Angie said...

Gorgeous photos. But if you ever do find that cape and those underoos...that would be a great photo to share! :)

Sue Mom of Two said...

So glad you went to the Kancamagus Trail. Your pictures brought back many memories of our trip there several years ago.....we stopped at all of those places, too. We also loved the stop with the big rocks...and the covered bridge is spectacular.

Kim K. said...

WOW! Absolutely stunning photos. You couldn't have picked better locations. I especially love that shot of them standing next to the train. You're right, it would be the perfect backdrop for photoshoots.

Happy fall!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I'm DROOLING!!! I have to satisy my leaf color addiction by pointing out one. single. tree. with a few red leaves on it. sigh. We should be hitting peak in a few weeks though but never will I see such gorgeous scenery as you displayed here. And YES! The bridge picture needs to be blown up and put over your mantel!!! GORGEOUS!!!

Pipers Adream said...

I say this every fall, but I am packing up the kids and moving in with you all. (Randy is in Europe so no one will miss us.)
Yummy photos!!!!