Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Remembering those lazy days of summer

...and wishing they weren't over.

So today I'm going back and posting some images that I should have posted while it was actually summer.

It was a warm, sunny day and we headed over to a nearby pond to do some fishing and general playing.  It always amazes me how long kids can entertain themselves with water and sticks.

We also had lot of stale bread to feed the swans and ducks.

There were tons of huge snails that SaraGrace was fascinated with.

I love watching Jordan and Jake play together.  They are buds a lot of the time.

Jordan builds a pretend campfire

It was a great day.
So long, summer.


Kim K. said...

Beautiful pictures, Karin. I miss the lazy days of summer too.

Sharon said...

I miss summer too! Not a fan of all the school craziness. Love the pictures!!!

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