Friday, June 15, 2012

There are no words...

OK--I guess there are SOME words...but none that will do this day justice.

I have a bazillion pictures and I will upload them until I get too tired to keep my eyes open.  We had an amazing day.  We had way more people show up for the clinic than we anticipated (which is not too surprising, actually).  Our fearless leader, Tammy, was a bit stressed trying to keep things from getting completely out of control, but she is extremely organized and did a great job.

They needed help in the clinic so (squeal!!) I was put at the first station where we did everyone's stats.  It was....I want to say amazing, but I realize I have already used that word about four times since the beginning of this post.  We were able to identify quite a few who had high blood pressure and some with fevers.  They went from our station to the doctor...then to the 'lab'...then the optometrist....then the pharmacy.  (Not always in that order).  When we had seen everyone at station one, I was switched to pharmacy duty where I helped put the meds in bags and write the directions in Spanish.  Only one problem....I don't speak Spanish, nor did I know any pharmacy lingo (but now I know what TID and BID means...woohoo!).  It was somewhat scary trying to write out the directions in Spanish since I didn't want to overdose them.  Ack!

One particularly distressing case was a 27 year old guy who came at the end.  He had gotten a strep infection over a year ago that went untreated.  He tried to go to the hospital but there is a one year wait!!!  He now has nephritic syndrome--meaning his kidney's are about to fail.  He was critical and was taken to the hospital.  I hope and pray they agreed to take him and also hope that his kidney's aren't damaged beyond repair.  Soooooo heartbreaking.  And all so unnecessary.  
The church were the women's conference is being held.  The clinic is in the white building to the left.
My mom hands out forms for the women to fill out.
Waiting in line.  It was SO hot.  They all waited very patiently.
Adorable little girl from one of the homes nearby.  She played around the clinic all day.
These two girls were laughing hysterically at how they looked in these glasses.  They were actually reading glasses for the older people.
Choosing a new pair of glasses!
Eye exam
Dr. Ana does an exam
More kids from the neighborhood.  They were so cute.
Cold Coka Cola + glass bottles + REAL sugar = The Elixir of Happiness
I'm madly in love with this adorable baby who belongs to one of the pastors' wives.  She was petrified of my camera.  It took some work but I won her over by the end of the day.  Her name is Linda and she is SOOOOO cute!!
My dad and one of our fearless leaders, Jerry.
This little girl was also petrified of me in the morning, but after getting to see herself on the back of my camera, her curiosity got the better of her and she became my friend.
Baby Linda and her daddy
The requested picture of me in my scrubs
Getting some lab results
These bananas were hanging in the house next door.  I went over to take this picture and the sweet lady who lived there cut down a bunch and bagged them up for me.  They were delicious!  
Could any little boy look sadder?  Not sure if he was shy or just sad.
More cute kids who hung around all day.

We finished the clinic around 2PM and it was a good thing because we all kind of hit a wall with fatigue and heat.  The heat and humidity is draining and we didn't do a great job of drinking water while taking care of patients.  Not only were we too busy but we didn't want to drink water in front of them.  They had a drinking fountain but still....

At 4PM, it was time for the ladies to go shopping.  For those of you who donated money for them to get new dresses and shoes...oh my goodness...I wish you could have seen them.  They were giddy with excitement!  We caught up with them when they were almost done shopping and I was able to get a few shots.
Baby Linda's super cute mom holds up her new dress!  And there was a cute new outfit for baby Linda as well!
These ladies are precious.  The one in pink was a bit disappointed because she couldn't find any shoes she liked in her size.  

In the shoe department...

Baby Linda likes shopping!
Showing us their purchases

Lookin' good, Girl!

Baby Linda's new outfit!  Her daddy said he waited 22 years for a wife.  I think it was worth the wait because she is a GEM.

We thought we were done but then it was discovered that baby Linda needed some shoes.  Well, that needed to be remedied (and let's be honest...we all adore her and it's stinkin' fun to buy baby stuff).  
"Baby girl, do you want some new shoes?"
Now she just needs to learn to walk!

We had originally planned to shoot their portraits before dinner but it gets dark at 6:45 here, and we didn't get back to the hotel until 6:30.  Instead, we are going to shoot tomorrow morning before breakfast.  I'm a bit worried about how my camera will fare in this hot, humid weather--and hoping the humidity won't cause the insides to rust.  Nothing I can do about it now, so trusting God to keep it safe.
All the ladies in their beautiful new outfits.  

I can't really express what the day was like but hopefully you can kind of get an idea from looking at the pictures.  God has put a love for these women in my heart. When we prayed for our meal tonight, it was amazing to see and hear them pray right along with my dad.  I opened my eyes and watched them in awe.  The love for Jesus that was in their faces was amazing.  So moving...and humbling to see.

I'm probably forgetting tons of things but my brain is turning to mush and we have another early morning.  The clinic will be just as busy tomorrow and we may also being seeing some children as patients.


Kim K. said...

Oh my goodness. This is truly a mission trip of a lifetime. I'm so glad you are able to share it with us in "real-time". Can't wait to see more.

Sharon said...

Oh Karin, it is such a privilege to follow along! I think baby Linda is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. I'm so happy for you that you're able to do this. I'll be looking forward to you're next post!

Shelly said...

Praising God & continuing in prayer! Can't wait until it is my turn to GO!!

Lori said...

Oh wow, I just love this! What a GREAT time you are having...AND impacting so many lives!

Can't wait for more updates!

LOVE all the pics of beautiful faces!

Johnie Appleseed said...

This is a real privilege to follow you. Thank you for sharing.

Jo's Corner said...

Take 12 oz. of h2o per os q4 hrs. to prevent dehydration! Really. Don't get sick, because you won't be able to play Nurse or be the Chief Photographer. LUV the children! They are all so beautiful. I especially love Linda's pouty lip. What a JOY to be able to follow along through your photos and blogging. God Bless all of the team and the people you all connect with. Isn't it amazing (yep, I said amazing!) to see how prayer is so universally the same?! Take care of your sweet self. Can't wait to hear more!
Love You ~ Jo

Kim said...

I can tell you why there is an outlet near the shower head! It has to do with the next part you posted about...the cold water. If you went to a hardware (or similar) store, you'd probably find wall-mounted hot water heaters. They get mounted right above that outlet and plugged in. I have two in my house (I live in the Philippines) and they are common throughout the places I've been in Asia, so why not there too?