Wednesday, May 09, 2012


I came upon this sign awhile back in a public restroom here in Massachusetts.  It was hanging above the toilets.


You feel you have to tell people not to drink out of the toilets in the public restroom?  There were fully operational sinks three feet away.  Is there a real danger of people walking in, seeing the sinks, and then making a decision to enter the toilet area, stoop down, and start lapping from the bowl?

How dumb do you think people are?

The only creatures on earth who would drink from a toilet are dogs and toddlers.
Neither can read.

I'm reasonably sure that no mother would invite her toddler into a public restroom to drink from a toilet, so we can cross that possibility off the list.  And most dogs would not be accompanying their owners to the local craft store.

So why....then...would we have a need for this sign?

I love the 'Note:' at the end....  Just in case you were grossed out by the colored water possibly looking like someone didn't flush, you can rest assured that the water is just a bit discolored.  Um....wouldn't THAT be enough to deter someone from the temptation to drink from the bowl?

Only in Massachusetts....the over-the-top- tax-and-make-stupid-laws state.

Hello....legislators...we are NOT this dumb.  Even though some people in our area did vote for people like Barney Frank, the REST of us know not to drink from a public toilet.  Thank you very much.


Kim K. said...

Another smile.

Lori said...

I'm pretty sure that Barney Frank must have drank out of that very toilet, thus making it necessary to post a sign, just in case there was the slightest chance that there is someone out there equally as stupid.

I have solved the mystery.

You are welcome.

Angie said...

I just love reading signs like this. It makes me feel like I have a hint of smartness. Is that a word?

Shelly said...

Crack me up!!