Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day


James, Dawn and Family said...

Bless sweet Ryan for serving our contry!

Mom Of Many said...

Was thinking about you and your family yesterday...didn't have a chance to write you, but wanted to thank you for raising a son that loves our nation enough to be willing to lay down his life for each of us.

So grateful for other military families who "get it"...and wanted you to know that you are loved. Please thank Ryan for us, we are grateful for his sacrifices. xo

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Karin ~ I always appreciate and enjoy how you use your photography on different Holidays. I also appreciate the willing spirit of make a Choice to Serve our great Country! Life is ALL about Choices! There is a young couple living in my apartment building, who I have recently been talking to. Actually, Cora who is 19 and engaged to the nicest young man. His name is also Ryan and he just returned from Iraq. He is in the Coast Guard. I got to finally meet him on Memorial Day and it was touching to be able to extend my hand and verbally say "Thank You". His hand shake was strong and mighty and I could tell that he appreciated my words. I came back to my apartment and wept. He is SO young! His 21st birthday was the day before. It opened my eyes in a new way, when I came face to face with that young Soldier. I will always see the men and women who Serve and Protect my Country with their very lives!
Karin, there is a family blog that I follow, that just recently returned from Bulgaria with #'s 8,9 and 10 adopted children. They are wanting a family portrait and I thought of the program you work with. Could you give me the information to give to the Mom? I know that money is very tight for them. They live in N.C.. I appreciate your help.
Have a great weekend! Hugs ~ Jo