Friday, May 25, 2012

Going to Honduras!

Wow...I have waited five years to type those words!  God has very interesting timing sometimes.  He put Honduras on my heart and took His time bringing it all together. may remember back in this post about how God led our small group of Bible study ladies to do portrait sessions for needy families in our community.  It had all started from a conversation with a friend in the pick-up line at school.  (Love those pick-up line conversations while we wait for our kids!)  My friend grew up in Honduras and I was sharing with her how I had this big dream of going there and taking family portraits for people who might never have had the opportunity.  She got  emotional and told me how she has no pictures of herself growing up because there was never money for pictures.  She called me the next day to tell me that God reminded her that we didn't have to wait to go to Honduras because we had people right here in our community who couldn't afford a family portrait.

A few months after that first portrait session at our church, my parents told me they were going on a mission trip to...Honduras.  (insert blood pressure spike)  I mentioned in passing that I was dying to go there and do portraits.  I explained my big dream to them and we just kind of left it at that.  I had no real thought of going--it was just a wistful dream.

My parents mentioned my dream to the group leader with the mission board and he got all excited.  Hmmmm....who knew?

A few months passed as I prayed about going but got no definitive answer.  And to be honest, life was so busy that sometimes I forgot to pray about it. 

Last week, my dad called and asked me again if I was still thinking about going.  It was decided that Jeff and I - and my parents - would pray hard the next two days about me going.  The trip is in three weeks, so we didn't have any time to dink around. 

The beginning of the trip is a conference for pastor's wives in Honduras. They are very poor, life is hard, and they are discouraged. Some of them are not in favor of their husbands being in ministry. The conference is an effort to encourage and support them. Most have never stayed in a hotel in their entire lives, so that will be a treat for them.  The second part of the trip is a series of medical clinics and I would get to help by using my 'nursing' skills.  I was so geeked about that!

Monday morning, God spoke to me in my quiet time about 'ministering to those around the world who are suffering,' and a verse in Colossians 2 about why He is sending me.  "My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in order that they may whom are hidden the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."  

We had set a Monday night deadline.  On Monday afternoon, I texted Jeff to see what his thoughts were.  He said that if I could offer the team something that no one else could, he thought I should go.

I arrived at school to pick up my kids and who should I see coming out the door?  My friend from Honduras!  I had not seen her in weeks.  I told her I might be going and she and I talked for a few mintues and then she headed to her car.  Suddenly she turned around, came back, looked me in the eye and said,

"Can I just tell you something?  If you go to Honduras and take pictures for those families, you will be giving them something they will treasure for the rest of their lives."

My jaw dropped.  I was just so stunned. I'm going! 

I went home and got my passport out.  It had expired just one day before.  Not.even.kidding. 
The good news is that I can get it expedited.  If you want to pray that it will get back to me in time, I would be most grateful!

And here is the fun part!!!!  You...yes, YOU, can be a part of this if you want to!

At the pastors' wives conference, each woman will be provided with a new dress and a pair of shoes! How fun is that!? And after they get all dressed up, I will be taking their portrait. :) 

And the FUN PART!!!  YES, I'm getting to that!!!

We are looking for sponsors for dresses, shoes and portrait.  There are three options and should fit any budget.  Here are the details:

- Dress and shoes only:                                $50
- Portrait only (Printing and framing):         $10
- Dress, shoes and portrait:                           $60

I think there is an attempt to match sponsors with a particular woman for the dress and shoes.  So if you would like to do that, please indicate that desire and they will try to accommodate you (make sure your current address is on your check so they can contact you).  If there is any money left over, it will be split up and given to the women to take home to help purchase food for their families.  The organizers are hoping for $50 per woman to take home.  There are 66 women coming.

If you want to help, a church that some of the team attend is handling the donations:
Christian Fellowship Church
6711 Pilliod Rd.
Holland OH  43528
Please note in the memo that you are sponsoring "Honduras Women"  Dresses or Photo Prints

The purpose of the portrait is NOT to give them a glamour shot that they will pine after.  It's to remind them of how God wants to bless them, how He sees them as His beloved Princess Daughters, and that this special weekend is only a foretaste of what awaits them in heaven someday.  (My Honduran friend will be translating that message from me that will go on the back of the framed print.)

The trip is from June 13-21st.  If you want to pray for the team we would love it.  I am hoping to blog from Honduras--no promises as I don't know what kind of internet connection I will have--but I will do my best to post each day.  I get to be the trip photographer for ANM (mission organization), photograph women and hopefully families, and be a nurse!  I even get to take my stethoscope and wear scrubs.  So fun!  I'm geeked beyond words.  haha 

I am so grateful for my sweet family who is making the sacrifice for me to go.  I will miss Molly's birthday and Father's day.  :(  They are so supportive of the trip--I am very blessed.

And my parents are making me mention that if you want to donate to my trip, you can.  haha  I hate asking for money.  Blech.  The donation process is different if you are contributing to my expenses so you will have to contact me.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for all needing prayers...hope Jake is healing up nicely. Your trip to Honduras sounds like a wonderful chance to do God's work! I'll be sending a check to the Christian Fellowship Church...I'll let them know if they've received enough for each lady...they can use the check for money for one of the ladies to take home.

I'm going to check and see if I saved your email address...I would like to contribute, in addition to prayers, something to help you take this trip.

GWIMW...God Works In Mysterious Ways!

Shelly said...

I love how God works! Will continue praying for you and the rest of team. I am so looking forward to "traveling" with you through the BLOG!!

Lori said...

Oh wow...what an amazing opportunity!! And SO unique. I love it!!

Lisa said...

It's a wild ride living life for God! You know that better than most.

James, Dawn and Family said...

GOD is awesome! I luv how his timing is always perfect!!

Sharon said...

I will be sending $60 to Christian Fellowship Church. What a wonderful thing to do Karin. I am so honored to be a part of it.

Nancy Tupper Ling said...

So exciting to see these connections working out through God. I remember the day we sat down for lunch with Gris and Kim to talk about Honduras. God works mightily!

James Pereira said...

Hello,nice blog. Pls look-up