Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mid-week catch up post

Once again, the week has slipped by without me firing off a single post.

I ended up staying an extra day in Colorado because my flight got so delayed that I would have ended up getting home at 2 or 3 in the morning. Thankfully, the airline switched me to a flight the next day. So I called Ryan to come back to the airport and get me--and was able to have another evening with him. Su-weet!

When I got home on Monday night, I noticed that Jordan had a bunch of goop oozing out of his incision area, along with a red line from the top of his cheek to his chin. I tried calling the surgeon but their phone system was down. Our pediatrician wouldn't touch him and said no one in the E.R. would touch him either. So Tuesday morning, I called again and the surgeon wanted us to come to Boston immediately.

No time to even start post-trip laundry. Or breathe. Once in Boston, it was determined that Jordan did not have an infection as we had feared but instead was having a reaction of some type. After getting the dried goop off his face and removing his stitches, the surgeon sent us to a dermatologist. Of course, the dermatologist is only at Children's three days a week and Tuesday was not one of them. So off we went to the town where she was practicing...20 miles away.

{Insert heavy sigh...}

She agreed with the surgeon--that it was a skin reaction and gave him some steriod cream. Apparently, the same thing happened a few weeks ago with another Asian patient who had ear reconstruction and now the surgeon is thinking of writing a paper on it. He and the dermatologist are now on a mission to figure out what caused the reaction to prevent any future problems with other children.

That means extra trips to Boston for skin testing. Oh the joy.

The following pic is a bit gross so if stuff like that bothers you, avert your eyes and skip over it.

At the doctor's office. Took some of the gang for moral support but in retrospect should have left them at home.
{insert another sigh...}
Let's just say, there was a very annoyed Mama and some extra assigned chores involved...

We made it home in time to do Kate's INR blood test and then off to the dentist with four of the kids. Whee!

I have been making twice a week trips to Boston and Springfield for Jordan, Zoey, and SaraGrace for numerous doctor appointments. Zoey is done going to Springfield for awhile, but now SaraGrace is going to be needing to go to Boston weekly for the next few weeks. Sadly, so does Jordan but his doctors aren't available the same days as SaraGrace's.

It's been a bit crazy around here for the last two months. We don't normally have this many doctor visits for weeks on end.

Although I would prefer not to drive to Boston twice a week, I am SO grateful that we have access to such awesome doctors only 90 min. away. And although we did not want to move here and be so far from family, we can see that God had a purpose in putting us here. Our kids needed these doctors.

I know you are probably wondering about Ryan. I won't go into details but sadly, Ryan and Dani's marriage is ending. It's a very sad, painful situation. It was so good to see him and love on him a bit.

His surgery has not been rescheduled yet. He is having testing to see what is going on with his heart--if anything.

Pike's Peak

Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods


Kim K. said...

So much life. Please know that I'm thinking of you and your kiddos. I'm sorry about Ryan's marriage.

Angie said...

Glad to see a post from you. I had to laugh...kind of...about the extra chores for certain children. Been there. I'm actually enjoying the fact that my oldest is babysitting age, and I can venture out with maybe 2 kids, vs. 5.

Kimberlie said...

I am so glad that Jordan's skin condition is not an infection. It's a pain to have to deal with all those appointments, and like you, we are constantly visiting docs and therapists, and IEP meetings, and you get the picture. However, I have said to at least 10 people in the last two weeks, "I am so glad I live in America where this wonderful medical treatment is available!" I am truly grateful.

Will pray for Ryan and Dani. So sorry about their marriage ending. So very sorry.

Tesseraemum said...

Poor little fella. Hope it clears up fast! Maybe he will end up in a textbook. That would be a nice little bonus for a little guy who has been through so much with his ear!!

So sorry about Ryan. Praying for his heart.

sara said...

oh Karin, you have so much going on. I am praying for you tonight. praying also for Ryan, my heart hurts to hear he is going through this.

Johnie Appleseed said...

So sorry to read the news about Dani and Ryan. It seems like I know your family. Having you go down to be with Ryan was so good. I am sure he really appreciated it. Prayers to you and yours.

Shelly said...

Praying for Jordan's ear. More than sorry about Ryan and Dani's marriage - truly heartbroken. Can't even begin to imagine how difficult this is for him! Upholding them both in prayer...

So thankful God gave you the time to spend with your son.

Loved the pictures...brought back sweet memories of my time in CO with CCC.

James, Dawn and Family said...

Hugggs being sent from WI! We will keep you all in our prayers.

Cindy said...

Oh Karin,
sorry to hear about Ryan but I imagine seeing you was a bright spot in his day! Yours too! Happy to hear Jordan is healing better, not fun is it? Love the updates and photos, thanks for sharing.
Prayers for your family and BIG HUGS!

Jennipher said...

I'm just catching up on all of this...and I just want to let you know that you have been on my heart and now I see why. I'm praying for you and your beautiful wonderful family~we miss you.