Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting older is bothersome...

Getting older.

I've been noticing some things lately.

Gravity seems to have been working overtime on me.

I came to a startling realization the other day. It came on an unseasonably warm day when I donned a sleeveless shirt.

And then I saw them.
My arms.

There was a time when my arms were so skinny and scrawny that I was embarrassed to wear anything sleeveless.

So I didn't.
For many, many years.

It would seem that instead of that perfect moment when my arms would be just right, I have completely missed the window and gone straight to flabby arm dangle. When in the world did THAT happen?

Another thing about growing older... exercising is harder. That may seem like I'm stating the obvious but here is the thing.

I can still walk fast on the track. Just as fast as I used to. However, afterwards......

I hurt.

Not in a oh-good-my-muscles-ache-because-I-used-them-kind-of-hurt, but just an OW-my knees hurt--OW--my hip joints hurt--OW--I-can't-get-up-out-of-this-chair-without-saying-OW-hurt.

It's bothersome.

And another I know why people start to snore as they age. Not only is gravity pulling your facial skin to your toes, it's also pulling the inside of you down...down...down. snore.
Did you think the inside of your throat could sag? Well, it does.
Not that I would know about snoring....bwahahahahaha.

Don't even get me started about how you can eat half of what you used to, but weigh lots more than you ever have.




Angie said...

I'm with ya. I don't even like drying my hair anymore without full upper arm covering!

Anonymous said...

oh my Karin...wait till you're almost 70 ;-) the dangly underarms, the cellulite, the age spots, the baggers at the grocery (some of whom are as ancient as me) asking if they can help me out with my groceries, the lady at the "Y" who suggested I might want to do the chair smiling at you, 'cause you're still so YOUNG!

Kim K. said...

This post totally puts a smile on my face.

Tesseraemum said...

It IS bothersome BUT if you take advantage of the crazy old lady effect you can wear whatever you want and feel good about it!
I seem to be entering that faze!
Mostly I say and do whatever I feel like. Much to my children's dismay!

Kimberlie said...

Being overweight most of my adult life, I have always had flabby arms. Last year, I lost 30 lbs and began to feel pretty good about where my body was going. The other day, however, as I reached out to grab the container at the autobank, I caught the reflection of my arm in my side mirror. Ugh! Flabby arm AND cottage cheese dimples!!! And I exercise! Not fair. Totally not fair. :(

Sharon said...

Oh Karin, it's just beginning! :))

Lori said...

Come on over to my ranch. A few weeks of moving bales of hay, lifting 50 lb. bags of grain, and cranking the oat roller will fix you right up!!

Jennifer P said...

Welcome to the club kiddo. Have you had the teenager stare at your 40 something year old self and ask if you qualify for the senior discount yet? That rates for a laugh right up there with the arm coverings. LOL