Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jordan's Good Friday

We went to Jordan's third post-op appointment expecting one more week of helmet head. However, I am going to be out of town this Friday when he would have been getting his next bandage change. The doctor decided to let him get it off early if he promised to be ultra careful.

Waiting for the removal...

Kind of looks like a flower unfolding

Since it was Good Friday and the kids had the day off, I took some of them with me. They were excited about seeing Jordan's ear for the first time.

Lookin' good!!

He was given this cup to wear at night to prevent him from accidentally lying on his ear. Well...the thing slides all over the place and is completely useless. Thankfully, Jordan has gotten so used to sleeping on his other ear because of the helmet, he is still able to sleep that way. His ear is still in the process of attaching and he is not allowed to run, jump, etc. No recess, no gym, no bike, no playing outside (because he forgets and starts running). He went out and rode his bike a week ago and the doctor was NOT happy about that. Any kind of bonk on the head could undo the entire process.

On our way home from the hospital, I texted our awesome hair stylist and asked if she could do something about Jordan's hair. It was shaved all around the new ear and down into the back of his head. I didn't want to attempt a fix. She was able to get him in on Saturday and he was looking handsome in no time.
First professional haircut :)

All done! Thank you, Emily. You're the best!
Emily is expecting a little girl in a few months and we are all very excited about that. :)
I am leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to go see Ryan for a few days. He was supposed to be having surgery but right after my plane ticket was purchased, he called to say his surgery was cancelled. Jeff and I decided I should go anyway, so I'm off at 5:30AM. Ack!

His surgery is on his hip--the one that has been bothering him for the past two years. Although it's not great that he has to have surgery, it kept him from leaving for Afghanistan with his unit in February. This mama will take surgery any day!


Kim K. said...

Jordan is one handsome fella. Such a brave boy too. Safe travels to Ryan.

Lori said...

Jordan is looking GOOD!!!

So glad you get to see Ryan!


Tesseraemum said...

Jordan is sooo handsome! Well, he was before!!! He seems so confident now! Sweet boy!
I was wondering about Ryan and Dani. So glad to hear he missed a trip to Afghanistan! Have fun!!

Sharon said...

Jordan's ear looks great, and haircut too!!! Go glad Ryan got out of going to Afghanistan. Almost any reason will do!

mary said...

Amazing, just amazing what doctors can do! I bet Jordan is so excited to have his new ear. Love following your blog.

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Theanne said...

I know it's not fair to other Moms but I'm happy Ryan didn't have to go to Afghanistan!

Wow! Jordan's new ear is looking absolutely fantastic! So hard for him not to do all the kid/boy things he wants to do...but that beautiful ear is for life! Handsome haircut...very nice Jordan!