Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

The kids are all dressed up and ready to head to the church Trunk or Treat event on Saturday.

My little cowboy and cowgirl

My little heart babies were snow princesses

My sports nuts

These two didn't have a theme...they were just being buddies for the day

Lacking a horse...this was the best he could do

Then off we went to the church. Our church has a huge neighborhood event called Trunk or Treat. We park our cars in a circle and give out candy from our 'trunks' or the back of vans and trucks. It seems to grow every year--last year we had 700 kids and I think this year we had more. There is a bounce house for the little kids, lots of games and prizes for the other kids, pony rides, free hot dogs, cider and elephant ears.
Unfortunately, Molly quickly won one of these. Fortunately, it already died. (Don't tell her I'm so happy about it, will ya?)

The little kids have a variety of reactions to the peppy Alice in Wonderland. Kinda wondering what Jake looks so bummed about.

Wooo! Waiting in line for the ponies! Jeff is looking especially excited about this event.

"Oh yeah. I'm rockin' this costume. I even have real cowboy boots from Colorado, thanks to some hand-me-downs from my big brother, Ryan."

"Dad took the spurs off these boots or I'd be galloping this mare right now."

I'm sad to say that we came home with no less than THREE of these! Ack! We are down to two, but they still look pretty chipper, despite the cloudy water they are now swimming in. What in the world to they DO in that water that makes it so filthy in three hours? Never mind...don't tell me. I think I already know.

And the teen...our pride and joy. He is now a minor celebrity in our town for trick-or-treating in this costume. He spent hours perfecting a cornstarch and water substance to mimic milk, that he sprayed out of the udders to unsuspecting people.

And this little one is soooo excited because it's her birthday tomorrow. Do you think our kids are going to be on a major sugar overload?


Adeye said...

Hahahahahahaha.....I'm dying reading about your dear teen :):):) That is hilarious. Oh I needed a good chuckle tonight.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Great costumes! The pictures were so vibrant with all of the colors too! I love the cow costume. You have to see Nadia in her cow costume on my blog. Too funny! Of course, she didn't have udders that squirted milk, though. Wish I had thought of that...darn!

Kim K. said...

Could they be any cuter in their costumes. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see birthday party pics too. Celebrations all around! Bring on the sugar!

Lori said...

Oh my. Those costumes are terrific.

The gracious, whoever thought up that prize obviously doesn't have children.

And teen-man...totally hilarious!

Kimberlie said...

OK, we almost slipped and said, "they just have the cutest kids!" ahem, we mean, "after our cutest kids that is." :) Truly, they all looked so adorable.

And the teen, hi-lar-i-ous!!! That's all I've got.

Love you!!!

Angie said...

Great costumes! I'm with you on the sugar overload thing. With Char's birthday, Gotcha Day, Halloween parties at school, and cupcakes going today for his birthday...I'm so glad I'm not the teacher!

trustandobey said...

Guess what Kate was this time, right down to the authentic boots? It is sooo meant to be:)!!!!
ps-love your outing! What's with all the cows this year???

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness, your little cowboy is just adorable, and that duster he is wearing is so darn cute! All of your kiddos are adorable.

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Wife of the Pres. said...

I cannot believe he wore that and that the udders worked! That is actually cool. He could sell that!!!

And of course all of your cuties looked too cute to spook!

I can't imagine your candy load. Mine was bad enough, and I'm the one sneaking it the most. ;)

mare said...

how cute they all are!!

Tina Michelle said...

I love x10 that first picture! It is perfect. How in the world did you get them to pose so well?? I love your little guy climbing on the side so much. It looks like a magazine ad or semething. That church party looks like a blast. we went to a church party like that for halloween, well it had no animals, but it was truly fun! Your teen in the cow costume is the best!