Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New pictures of our Zoey girl!

There is a family from our agency who is in China adopting their son from the same orphanage as Zoey. My inbox was full of pictures this morning! What a blessing!! The mom who visited said this about Zoey: "Your little girl is so adorable and precious. Sweetness just radiates from her. Very soft eyes. She watched me, soaking in every word I was saying. She is very alert - immediately ran to get the treats." The mom also spent time praying with her, rubbing her back, and telling her she is loved. is so wonderful to hear any news about her---to know a little of her personality before getting there.

We are still waiting for our approval from USCIS (immigration). We are at a standstill until that one precious piece of paperwork gets to us. We are praying that it will come soon.

The courtyard where the children 'play'

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