Monday, May 12, 2008

post-Mother's Day thoughts

Lying in bed last night, I thought back to the years that I was not a mother--and feared that I would never have the privilege. If you have a family member, friend or aquaintence who is longing to have a child, please know what a tough day Mother's Day is for them. Each year, they hope that by next Mother's Day, they will be a Mom. And each year, it passes again, their arms empty and their hearts aching. I encourage you to put your arms around your friend and tell her that you hurt with her and will pray for her. Skip the platitudes, as they normally bring more unintentional hurt, and just let her know you love her.

My thoughts then drifted toward birth mothers--the brave women who bring a child into the world, knowing they cannot raise him/her. Many of these women had the choice to end the child's life, but they decided to travel the road of life and adoption. Many are maligned--not necessarily to their faces--but with thoughtless words by others to the effect of, "I don't know how anyone could give up their own flesh and blood." Many of these precious mother's suffer in silence, not wanting to let people know that they are one of THOSE people who 'gave up' their own flesh and blood. The reality is that THOSE women do what many of us could not--put their child's needs ahead of their own to the point of letting go of them forever. They sacrifice their own needs to be able to give their child a better life. That is something to be admired, not disdained. I have had the privilege of meeting Ryan and Taylor's birthmom's and I so admire their courage and love.

On to happier thoughts...I just want to take the opportunity to praise God that I am mother. For many years, I thought I never be called by the wonderful name, "Mother." Mother's Day morning, my devotional verses for the day were from my life's chapter, Isaiah 54. I love these verses! The chapter starts out talking about the barren woman, and goes on to describe how God will eventually bless her. When God gave these verses to me so many years ago, I had no idea how He would fulfill them. Now, I literally start cracking up when I read them in the NLT translation. It says something like, "now she who was barren has more children than all the other woman." hahahahahaha

My kids were so excited about Mother's Day. I received cute handmade cards, kisses, and loud choruses of, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom!" SaraGrace made a card in church and the kids were supposed to write down what they loved about their mom. SaraGrace's comment was, I love my Mom because "hers my best buddy." Awww.....

Jeff got me a pretty coursage. I tried to keep it out of Jake's clutches but when we got to church, I leaned in too close to him. He reached up and snatched it off my jacket, snapping the stem in the process. Jeff tried valiantly to pin it back on--and it did stay for the remainder of the service--but later fell off in some unknown place in the Meijer parking lot. Oh well....

It was pouring rain yesterday--so sorry--no pictures.

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