Friday, September 07, 2007

Kids Say the Funniest Things

I have been meaning to write down some of the funny things my kids have been saying and am finally getting around to it. Molly, our seven year old, is currently the child who says funny things without meaning to. Here are some of my favorites…

Jeff and I were discussing bunk beds. Molly piped up, “I know why they call them bonk beds…it’s because you always bonk your head on them.”

'Girly girl' is an expression we hear a lot around here. Since Jordan has been home, he has tried to learn the ropes by copying his sisters. They are trying to get him interested in trucks rather than purses (!). One day Molly said to me, "Mom...I saw Jordan playing with trucks! He's turning into a real Boyly Boy."

Baby Jake's diapers sometimes resemble the consistancy of (sorry....) play-doh. One day Molly came in while I was changing Jake's diaper, peered over to see what I was doing, recoiled and said, 'Ewwwww....I'm never playing with Play-doh again!"

Jillian was quizzing the kids on their knowledge of something (can’t remember what). One of the girls answered correctly and Molly said, “Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!”

And then there is our spunky SaraGrace…
We were swimming the other day with some friends. Some little boys were there—age 7—and they are rough and tumble. My three oldest girls are very intimidated by them and keep their distance. SaraGrace was sitting on the edge of the pool, next to a wading pool full of water. One of the boys, who was in the pool, splashed her. Hmmmm….she got a glint in her eye, spotted a bucket, filled it up with water and dumped it over his head. She gleefully scooped up a second bucket and dumped that over his head, too. He didn’t care—but I was totally cracking up!

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