Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Happy Birthday to our wonderful, 17 year old, Ryan!! I so vividly remember pacing the floors 17 years ago today, while his amazing birthmom, Dana, labored to bring him into the world. We prayed for her all day as she endured the pain of his delivery. We were in touch by phone throughout the day. Finally, about 10PM, our phone rang again. This time, Dana put the phone up to Ryan's little mouth and we could hear him making sweet baby sounds. Off in the distance, I could see fireworks going off, which mirrored the excited pumping of my heart. Our baby boy!!! Finally, after 7.5 years of infertility, we were about to become parents! The following morning, we jumped in the car and headed south on the 14 hour drive to see our tiny new son and his precious birth family. They were so very brave over the next days, weeks and months as they handed him to us, a sweet bundle of life, to love forever.

And what a ride he has given us! He has lived up to his birth date as a Firecracker and is full of fun and energy. As a toddler, he thought the fireworks in our city were in his honor. We let him think that for awhile! Now he knows better, but in my heart, the 4th of July will continue to be about my Ryan--as well as it being America's birthday. We look forward to watching Ryan grow and develop into the man God wants him to be.

His little sisters are so excited to be celebrating this day with him and made him some homemade gifts with dirt bikes on them, since they know he loves to ride dirt bikes. They are all dressed in red, white and blue and ready for him to wake up!

Happy Birthday to our Ryan, and thank you with grateful hearts, to Dana for the ultimate gift of a son. He has brought us much joy! We are honored to be his parents and in awe of the sacrifice you made for him.

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