Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jacob--a footnote to his story

When we were in Guatemala, I learned a bit more about Jacob's story that I want to share with you.

You may remember that last year, God laid the name Jacob on my heart and then indicated through Scripture and other methods, that the child I was 'looking' for would have some type of hand deformity. I contacted Melissa at The Shepherds Crook and told her that it might sound crazy, but if she ever had a baby boy available with that type of special need, to please contact me.

A few months later, she was contacted by an adoption attorney. He had been trying to find a family for a baby boy for three months, but no families were interested in him. The baby boy was a three month old with six fingers on each hand. He asked Melissa to please try to find a family, since she often found homes for children with special needs. Melissa got very excited and said she thought she had a family who would want him--and contacted us!

We never knew that the attorney had been trying to place our precious Jake for 3 months! We are so glad that God put him on our hearts and that another family could not be found for him. :)

He had surgery in Guatemala on his hands, and the sixth fingers were removed. He has a slight little nub there, but his hands look great! When we adopted Chloe, our doctor had told me not to worry about any syndromes or cognitive difficulties with her due to her missing toes. He made the comment, "We don't get concerned about missing fingers or toes. It's the extra fingers or toes that we get worried about." I asked why, and he said they are often associated with syndromes. This was running through my mind at times while we were waiting for Jake, but God gave me such peace that Jake was just fine. And he is, as far as we know. :)

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