Thursday, September 05, 2013

Are you Ready for some Football?

A few weeks ago I received an email that our town was starting sign-ups for flag football.  We mentioned it to a few of the kids who we thought might be interested.

Guess who was all excited?

Miss Zoey!

She played her first game this week.  It's a league for boys and girls, but there are very few girls.  Zoey is the only girl on her team.  Go Zoey!

We got there early so the younger kids begged to go over to the playground until the game started.  Reluctantly, I agreed when Molly offered to go with them.  Within ten minutes, I saw them all hurrying toward me...Molly carrying Kate and the other kids yelling, "Katie got hurt!  Katie got hurt!"
Her chin was covered in blood, her hands were bloody from trying to keep blood from dripping onto her clothes and she was sobbing.
We headed to the car where I had some napkins and water to clean her off.
As I examined the wound, it became clear that she had hit her face and bit all the way through her mouth.  There were two little teeth wounds on the outside of her face.
And Jeff wasn't there yet.
Just. shoot. me. now.
Once Jeff got there, we discussed what to do and decided not to take her to ER.  We have experienced this face-with-teeth-through-the-skin injury with other kids and were always told they didn't need stitches if the wounds were clean and horizontal.  I think Kate will heal nicely.

But we always have to have the drama?

Deep breaths....and focus on what we came for...THE GAME!

Zoey started off the evening by being co-captain.  Cool!  I'm sure all the kids will get a turn but it was neat that she was picked the first game.

She was on offense and started off as quarterback.  All the kids have to wear a mouth guard, so Zoey looks pretty hilarious in all the pictures.

 Waiting for the snap...

She drops back to pass...

Looks for a receiver...

And the throw....

Overthrown...  Oh well.  It was a really nice spiral. 
(And would the second grade receiver have actually caught it anyway?)

Let's try the offensive line!

How about being a Center?

And the snap...

Don't mess with me, boy.

Seriously?  You don't scare me, dude.

Good game, guys!  (They won 18-0) but of course, they don't keep score.
Don't get me started about all the stupidity of that.
Those kids knew EXACTLY what the score was.
It's the adults that delude themselves into thinking that if they don't SAY the score out loud, the kids will magically have no idea who won and just have fun.


Angie said...

I don't think I'd want to mess with Zoey on the field! What an athlete!

sara said...

I love these pictures, Karin!!! Go Zoey!

I LOL at your last comment...that always cracked me up in baseball too when the kids were small. My kids ALL knew the score and who won....except Jared..he thought he won every time no matter! ha!

Debbie Sauer said...

So precious! I love the look on her face. She was really into it. Blessings

Chris said...

If they would just give them bigger shirts! great job Zoe!
Question: Have you run into any padding needs for her prosthesis? Our son is in 7th grade this year and kids are hurting THEIR feet from kicking him in the shins during soccer games.

Tesseraemum said...

You go Zoey! Next stop the Olympics!
She is looking so tall out there with the guys! I seriously wouldn't mess with her! Sheri

Lowell & Faye said...

I wonder if the no score idea has anything to do with Massachusetts being such a liberal state.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Way to go Zoey! Karin, you always crack me up because our parenting styles are so similar with injuries. In fact, I think my kids prefer going to strangers just so they'll get some sympathy instead of my typical response of, "You'll be fine...just throw some dirt on it." ha ha ha