Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Field Trip to Old Sturbridge Village

The kids have been begging to go back to Old Sturbridge Village.  A few of them just happen to love the place and the others were saving up their money to revisit the gift shop.

We continue to be ridiculously amused by these boards.

 We especially like seeing Jake as the baby girl in a dress.

And we found a new one at the playground!  I'm biased but I think Katie is one of the cutest little lambs I've ever seen.
Posing in the fake outhouse in the playground area.

We made Jordan participate and he doesn't look too happy about it. In fact it looks like the shirt is choking him.
They played for so long on this part of the playground.
They didn't play here for very long, though.  haha
Kate was the exception.  When all the kids were playing elsewhere, she snuck back in and was singing "The Star Spangled Banner" at the top of her lungs.
You don't even want to know how long it took them to get up there and pose for this (their idea not mine) and I had to snap quickly because they were sliding off.
I pointed out this wholly caterpillar and it was quickly snatched up and fought over.  It was also carried from building to building, much to the dismay of some of the staff.
We stopped by to see this cow lick the fence.  Over and over.  I don't have a clue why.
We went into the Tavern to wait for the stagecoach and the kids played checkers. There is a restaurant in the basement and it smelled soooo good.  We had brought our PB&J, so we were all good. 
After a few hours, we had collected quite a few wholly critters.  And they were very loved.  And played with.  And gross.  Kate's kept pooping on her.
I had promised them that they could either ride the stagecoach or the boat the next time we came and they chose the boat.  Whee.
The captain asked SaraGrace to push the button to sound the horn as we returned to the dock.  Unfortunately, it stuck.  As in BLARING LOUDLY for the last few minutes of our voyage.  She was mortified because she thought it was her fault.
They have a beautiful covered bridge that I love.  I'm somewhat obsessed with covered bridges if you haven't noticed.
Katie runs to check out the sawmill.
Running down the lane to see the cows.
It was a beautiful day and such a pretty setting.  Doesn't this take you back in time?
We spent a lot of time here in the farmhouse kitchen asking questions and enjoying the smell of the food.
But not the flies.
And this time we asked if they ate the food after the flies were swarming it. 
They do.
We learned that coffee beans are white when they come off the plant and don't turn dark until roasted.  Not sure why that fact has escaped me until now.
The kids took turns grinding coffee.
Then it was off to see them feed the pigs.  SaraGrace thinks they are cute.
I'm not getting the same loving feeling.
Plus...they were really mean to each other...biting and snapping.  Now I know where the term, 'don't be a pig,' came from.  UGH.  They were fighting over every scrap and snarling at each other.
We wandered over to the barn and found out that they were going to call the cows home.  Cool!  We looked out toward the field and were amazed at how the cows came running when they were called.
Here they come!
This year's baby.  Isn't she cute?
We wandered over to see the sheep while we waited for cow milking time.
There were apples lying all over the ground--in the fence and out--so the kids tried feeding them to the sheep.  None of the kids liked getting their fingers so close to sheep teeth, so Jordan came up with the idea to offer an apple on a stick.
It worked.

Jake got bored and began to use his apple as a hacky sack.
Then the farmer came to call the sheep and they also came running instantly.  So cute!
We headed back to the barn to see the cow get milked, which was quite fun.  Unfortunately, my iphone could not get a decent picture because it was so dark in the barn.

After spending quite a bit of time at the farm, we moved toward the exit but not before stopping at the school yard to jump rope.  Kate had been begging all day.  She had a blast!  Who knew that child would love jump roping so much?  While there, SaraGrace found this wooden bucket and dipper and wanted to pose.  She was QUITE bugged that Katie 'photo bombed' her photo.

Before leaving, they found a water pump which they all tried out.  They were so excited about it.  I tell them frequently about the pump my grandparents had at their cabin when I was a little girl.

Another fun day at the Village!  They are planning their next trip already. 


Angie said...

What a fun place to visit!

Sharon said...

I love the pictures!!! This looks like my kind of place!!!

Sharon said...

I love the pictures!!! This looks like my kind of place!!!

Anonymous said...

we visited boston when i was 11 and stumbled upon sturbridge and to this day it's my favorite experience from that trip. i keep wanting to go back! but my husband says i'm too old and we don't have any kids to take, so i'm still waiting. boo.